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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2020-10-26

Attendees: Igor, Matthieu, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

Report auto-generated every Monday at 6:30am, Do not edit this table, Update your entries in smartsheets.

LR20201019 - Bec, Matthieu 40.0
LR20201019 - Holmberg, Carl 32.0
LR20201019 - Edmeades, David 36.0
LR20201019 - Sola, Igor 0.0
LR20201019 - Grenz, Paul 20.0
LR20201019 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20201019 - Bryant, Trey 20.0
LR20201019 - Zhang, Yang 40.0

News from management

  • Health Benefit changes, requires your action.

Previous Action Items

Owner Action Due Date Completion Date

Open topics

  • D/E time, robs software blessing
  • OT script generation at the mountain (SO outage)
  • TMS disk space

Team reports


  • Last week
    • OC, Management
    • leadership workshop Tue/Wed 8-12am
    • SHARK-NIR follow-up
    • Health Benefit HR presentation
    • iLocater racks/UPS discussions with ENG
  • This week
    • leadership workshop Tue/Wed 8-12am
    • ATT bi-weekly, ATT report


  • Last week:
    • AGW, oac-dev:
      • testing with oac-dev 5.1 clients return nothing but RPC errors.
      • oac-dev put onto the network, enabling remote UMAC encoder software work.
      • MB switched the oac-dev active oac from 5.1 to 5.2.1, which provided a working getxy client/oacserver connection for free.
      • the oac-dev 5.2.1 pmacsend client still suffers from RPC errors with oacserver, and disables the getxy RPC in the process.
      • debugging attempts with the clients and oacserver haven't yet illuminated the pmacsend-related bug.
    • Friday vacation

  • This week:
    • AGW:
      • Follow up on oac-dev pmacsend RPC errors/RPC service crash.
      • Validate that manually turned encoder is returning reasonable values via the oacserver.
      • Investigate IT7543/8210.
      • Follow up on IT7876 (AGW1/2 Failed to communicate with UMAC, intermittent, with available recovery method).
    • Mon/Tues vacation


  • Storage quote stuff, on its way
  • Major Synology issue re: instructions provided for extra logging. Nonsensical and infuriating. Working on resolution
  • Jim Solidworks solution posed, waiting on response
  • Note TMS disk issue, will follow this week
This week:
  • Monday, Tuesday out for medical, will advise on remainder of week.
  • Syno followup
  • Cisco training


  • Previous:
    • Mainly a TMS week (some TMS discussion as well, planning for a next test possibly on Friday, or next Tuesday).
    • Some LBC work (RB_Science updates, github sync of conf files, completed Olga's LBC list with Stephen).
    • Some minor AO-Cravat/OSCO work.
  • This week:
    • TMS work mainly. Working towards an agreement on some key components with Andrew and John. Also working towards next test.
    • LBC support for remote 64-bit observation test.
    • Some AO-Cravat/OSCO work for next meeting if have time.
    • UA harassment training if have time.


  • Last week
    • ATT SW
    • ATT AdSec
    • Health Benefit online presentation
    • SX AdSec retracted test and cause study
    • AO operation support
  • This week


  • Steward trip
    • UITS
    • storage array disk replacement
    • work on computers
  • little work on LBC software for Yang/Olga
  • x2go screen sharing for Steve
  • finished the Affiliates LDAP
  • scripting of the MAC address collection
  • PEPSI machine with Leroy
  • obs5 and obs6


  • Synology LDAP
  • replacement monitors
  • laptop
  • LBTI web


Last week:
  • PIT
    • pit admin tool, test units and have the react part working with the django authentication and Call for Proposals information for partners.
  • LUCI
    • IT 8220

This week:
  • Safety Training
  • PIT
    • pit admin tool
  • LUCI
    • IT 8220
    • split current luci motor privilege into two to allow more control on what people can and can't do.
    • Look into reading WebIO status and passing it to the database/telemetry.
    • Add more debugging information in Journalizer DB storing logic. Trying to figure out why sometimes the mask config file doesn't upload.
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