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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2020-01-06

Attendees: Andrew, Carl, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Yang


Labor Reporting

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News from management

Handover steps

  1. sub-system techtalk presentations (Andrew, Petr)
  2. new primary + secondary do self learning, gather information, read wiki
  3. hands-on walk through with primary and secondary (focus on operation, deployment, development if applicable)


Application(s) Primary Secondary
TCS Yang Carl
Argos Carl -
OAC/AzCam Carl Yang
DIMM Yang Stephen
FACSUM, Weatherstation Matthieu Stephen
ALH/INDI Matthieu Carl
OVMS Stephen Matthieu
particle monitors Stephen Matthieu

Previous Action Items

OwnerSorted ascending Action Due Date Completion Date
AC Schedule techtalk OAC, DIMM, Weather Station 2019-12-30  
DE As we're moving more critical systems into VMs running off SSD, test Veam Backup    
DE Summit Veam Backup (soul-telemetry, etc) + bring back VM2 until PEPSI/VM arrives    
IT/DE Non-compliant VMware account 2020-01-13  
IT/MB SHARK-VIS/Forerunner - the temp, the mid and the long term 2020-01-09  
PK Transition plan for overlap 2019-12-30  
SH DX SOUL Telescope Network upgrade to JumboFrames - IT7969 2019-01-16 CleanRM - 2019-01-29 Tel  
SH/MB flatten out telemetry on the mountain - talk to John    

Open topics

  • cboylard identity Chris'is
  • Allsky SBIG extender
  • tcslog file for tonight missing on obs1 (action?)

Team reports


  • Last week
    • Allsky OCR, IT7981
    • Transition plan and activities
  • This week
    • Transition plan and activities
    • Candidates screening
    • DMS
      • url shortener
      • allsky browser
    • AHS on hydrogen ?


  • oaccli/AGW telemetry, AGW troubleshooting (IT7950)
  • LogFile logging (IT7983)


  • Email catchup
  • PG Autocad license
  • JC keychain corruption, will attempt to restore from backup
  • Safety training
  • Security refresher
  • Details on construction work?


  • Transition planning
    • DIMM and OAC (TBD) tech talks
    • AGW/OAC overview with CH


  • Last week
    • TCS: IT7957, pushed oil level alert changes, reviewed PK's changes for increased TCS comprehension.
  • This week
    • AHS: prototype the LBTI INDI driver.
    • ARGOS: rebuild simulator.
    • DMS: get stub temperature page posting requests to its wsgi module.
    • OCS: review documentation.
    • Safety: distracted driving class.
    • TCS: IT7957, add patches per MB and PK suggestions.


  • sw0101 died -- configured new switch, Leroy replaced it
  • replaced jumping monitor in rm507 with new TV
  • mountain network


  • add memory, etc. to ovirt machine
  • upgrade web.tucson to F30 update yumsrv


Last week:
  • OT & PIT
    • Fix proposal ID not showing in display box
  • Safety training
  • Setting up new laptop
This week
  • Safety training
  • PIT
    • ongoing work on resubmission logic
  • OT
    • Fix LBC standards and MODS bias scripts with dgo
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