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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2020-01-06

Attendees: Andrew, Carl, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Yang


Labor Reporting

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News from management

Handover steps

  1. sub-system techtalk presentations (Andrew, Petr)
  2. new primary + secondary do self learning, gather information, read wiki
  3. hands-on walk through with primary and secondary (focus on operation, deployment, development if applicable)


Application(s) Primary Secondary
TCS Yang Carl
Argos Carl -
OAC/AzCam Carl Yang
DIMM Yang Stephen
FACSUM, Weatherstation Matthieu Stephen
ALH/INDI Matthieu Carl
OVMS Stephen Matthieu
particle monitors Stephen Matthieu

Previous Action Items

Owner Action Due Date Completion Date
DE As we're moving more critical systems into VMs running off SSD, test Veam Backup    
SH DX SOUL Telescope Network upgrade to JumboFrames - IT7969 2019-01-16 CleanRM - 2019-01-29 Tel  
PK Transition plan for overlap 2019-12-30  
AC Schedule techtalk OAC, DIMM, Weather Station 2019-12-30  
DE Summit Veam Backup (soul-telemetry, etc) + bring back VM2 until PEPSI/VM arrives    
IT/MB SHARK-VIS/Forerunner - the temp, the mid and the long term 2020-01-09  
SH/MB flatten out telemetry on the mountain - talk to John    
IT/DE Non-compliant VMware account 2020-01-13  

Open topics

  • cboylard identity Chris'is
  • Allsky SBIG extender
  • tcslog file for tonight missing on obs1 (action?)

Team reports


  • Last week
    • Allsky OCR, IT7981
    • Transition plan and activities
  • This week
    • Transition plan and activities
    • Candidates screening
    • DMS
      • url shortener
      • allsky browser
    • AHS on hydrogen ?


  • oaccli/AGW telemetry, AGW troubleshooting (IT7950)
  • LogFile logging (IT7983)


  • Email catchup
  • PG Autocad license
  • JC keychain corruption, will attempt to restore from backup
  • Safety training
  • Security refresher
  • Details on construction work?


  • Transition planning
    • DIMM and OAC (TBD) tech talks
    • AGW/OAC overview with CH


  • Last week
    • TCS: IT7957, pushed oil level alert changes, reviewed PK's changes for increased TCS comprehension.
  • This week
    • AHS: prototype the LBTI INDI driver.
    • ARGOS: rebuild simulator.
    • DMS: get stub temperature page posting requests to its wsgi module.
    • OCS: review documentation.
    • Safety: distracted driving class.
    • TCS: IT7957, add patches per MB and PK suggestions.


  • sw0101 died -- configured new switch, Leroy replaced it
  • replaced jumping monitor in rm507 with new TV
  • mountain network


  • add memory, etc. to ovirt machine
  • upgrade web.tucson to F30 update yumsrv


Last week:
  • OT & PIT
    • Fix proposal ID not showing in display box
  • Safety training
  • Setting up new laptop
This week
  • Safety training
  • PIT
    • ongoing work on resubmission logic
  • OT
    • Fix LBC standards and MODS bias scripts with dgo

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