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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-10-28

Attendees: Andrew, Carl, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


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Open topics

  • robocon tech-talk?

Team reports


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Last week:
  • 4D AdSec SW test and support
  • 4D trigger test
  • change the read dump idl procedure to work with SOUL
  • use Zemax to understand the 4D interfermeter defoucs issue
  • new interfermeter performance dicussion
This week:
  • 4D SW support
  • Work VM on the mountain?
  • AdSec houkekeeper and telemetry issue


  • AO-Cravat:
    • Continue web interface development (finished plotting design, new design for communication protocol among multiple HTML windows).
    • Discussed with Al and Shane with regards to the first batch of OSCO data.
    • Tested Steve Ertel's code on some of the OSCO data (with low Strehl result ~0.03, Shane's estimate is ~0.13). Will need to address several problems in Steve's code as well.
    • Built a new database for the project. But in light of the new OSCO data, we may need to design another database and change the web interface design as well.
    • Need to discuss with Al with regards to database and interface change.
    • After discussing with Petr, now working on patching TCS to include a new IIF C interface (the first step towards the LBC non-sidereal guiding fix, IT#7847).
    • Work with Olga to devise some tests for MODS GUI problem (IT#7855).
  • Vacation until Wednesday.


  • ARGOS Jenkins deployment
  • argos-dx navigation menu organization


  • OC, WPC, Management
  • Colloc/Pepsi follow-up with DE, SH
  • DMS
    • finishing up m1
    • repository viewer secure sign-in, daily ingestion WIP
    • ALTA real-time WIP
  • Reading about
    • CentOS Strean, as hinted by SH
    • OAuth2/openid
  • Colloc/Pepsi follow-up with DE, SH
    • meet UITS Thursday
    • VM Ware license update
  • DMS finish loose ends
    • decimate M1
    • systemd repo ingestion
    • ALTA
  • CentOS Stream? LGTM, follow up with SH
  • cold symptoms, sick ?


Last week:
  • ALH: Created TMS laser status check script, added TMS host and laser status to ALS config files.

This week:
  • ALH: Integrate ALS script/config file changes.
  • CHAOS: Follow up with Ilyin/PEPSI and Conrad/Briegel/LINC-NIRVANA on alert signals they might want to send.
  • SupportScripts: Follow up with John Nill on changes.


  • Projector placement; Gene will report back re: incorporating install into reno
  • Storage quotes back-and-forth
  • VMWare quote requested. The system is not good, but there's nothing I can do to make it any faster
  • Thursday UITS meeting
  • LabView install for Peter


Last week:
  • LUCI
    • Implemented possible slowdown fixes and prepare test environment but no ETA for testing or plan whatsoever.
  • OT
    • working on a helper tool for observers to track observing time

This week
  • OT
    • keep working on a helper tool for observers to track observing time. The tool will create nightly report on open shutter and downtime for a given partner run, the Tool is written with React
CONFLICT original 10:

CONFLICT version 11:



  • up the mountain Friday
    • new VM machine in rack
    • swlbti upgraded to 10G connection
  • UITS move discussion
  • re-think "obs" remote with Matthieu
  • LBTI Wiki log ins


  • AO VM on mountain, once disks are done up there.
  • SOUL for next week?
  • 4D with Xianyu

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