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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-09-16

Attendees: Andrew, Carl, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

Report auto-generated every Monday at 6:30am, Do not edit this table, Update your entries in smartsheets. 20190909
LR20190909 - Bec, Matthieu 40.0
LR20190909 - Holmberg, Carl 40.0
LR20190909 - Colson, Andrew 40.0
LR20190909 - Edmeades, David 40.0
LR20190909 - Sola, Igor 0.0
LR20190909 - Kubanek, Petr 44.5
LR20190909 - Hooper, Stephen 40.0
LR20190909 - Zhang, Yang 40.0
LR20190909 - Zhang, Xianyu 40.0

News from management

Previous Action Items

Open topics

Team reports


  • OC, WPC, Management
  • DMS
    • add hourly Alta Stream
    • add autoscale plot option
    • F30 dms.mountain, rpm fixes along the way
  • DMS
    • weather smoothing (wind speed/direction)
  • wiki DOS script


  • obs.mountain setup with ssh users (will undo that)
  • test of LUCI and zoom on obs mountain for Michelle, Jenny confirmed it works.
  • Install software on laptop for Kara
  • worked on scripts for obs computers, sat with Olga to get LBC partially scripted.
  • RPM clean up and rebuilds
  • IRAF packages installed for 64-bit machines.


  • Changed Wiki reboot to 12h after boot for test. No complaints of freezing this weekend(?).
  • Juan Pablo computer order; will complete today after I hear back from Bucki
  • Air handler shutdown Thursday morning; should not be a problem
  • PEPSI machine spec from ASL
    • Can I get a usage brief so I can guide the configuration?
  • Conversations about phishing and giftcard scams. Tell your parents!
  • MongoDB install wierdness on F30; unsure why apparently the same package worked on one machine but not Carl's VM. I think the Redhat 7 version is probably the safest bet.
  • Talk to Netops about new networks
  • Formal ASL quotes
  • VMWare purchase


  • AO-Cravat:
    • Finished a draft POI and sent it to Laura for comments.
    • Decided to switch to plotly.js for plotting, currently learning and experimenting with its plotting features.
    • Next also need to work on refactoring Steve's Strehl code.
    • Fixed some problems in the LBC skyflats wiki program.
    • Finished setting up ingesting daily MODS telemetry (from the mods1data and mods2data computers) to the LBTO DMS system.
    • Next working on to do the same thing with LBC daily telemetry.
    • Lots of IT issue tracks related to LBC/MODS, need to discuss with Olga.
    • Also need to discuss with Olga several other issues on LBC/MODS (e.g., MODS/LBC telemetry description, FPIA/WRC performance etc).


  • git bisect - PCS core dumps
  • PCS TTL (IT5140 and related), use time to limits for wrapping/unwrapping
    • rewrite mountform, learned a lot more about QT, expected to have working version this week, ready for 2019B (eng run October 13th?)
  • GCS fixed (IT7859)
  • reverting single files: "git diff HEAD~1 RTracker.hpp | patch -p1 -R"
  • safety training


Last week:
  • Support LBTI DXWFS configuration
  • Config DX AdSec for SOUL
  • Work on the detach magnets data analyze prodedures with Guido
  • Work on the FF matrix quality analyze with Guido
  • Write a process for the FF matrix quality analyze
This week:
  • More work on the FF matrix quality analyze
  • AO support (cube-pupil illumination)
  • Safety training


  • Closed out misc all-sky camera and FacSum ITs
  • Upgraded FacSum with qwt6
  • OAC telemetry - define/dump gather
  • OAC -telemetry - define telemetry streams


Last week:
  • Merged MB dms changes.
  • Configured Fedora 30 VM.
  • Broke Imonnit data into separate collections for each sensor.
This week:
  • Add dms sensor descriptions for all sensors.
  • Deploy dms changes locally and on


Might get part of Friday off still hashing out details

Last week:
  • OT
    • Keep working on MODS scripting issues
    • Finishing proposal id work
    • other bugs
    • hopefully have the release ready by Friday
  • LUCI
    • look at RTD MOS tab error calculation
This week:
  • Prepare Hotwire talk
  • OT
    • Finishing proposal id work
    • other bugs, e.g. get ProgramID in OT Go menu disable grating from Inst form and step iterator, etc
    • hopefully have the release ready by Friday
  • LUCI
    • corrected /usr/local/binluci_geirs# where # is 1 or 2. Need someone to push change. Correction! changes are pushed automatically! awesome!
    • Get scheduler connection configuration xml, into the luci_rtd This will, hopefully, allow users to run the luci rtd from a different JVM.
    • look at RTD MOD tab error calculation
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