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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-07-29

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

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News from management

  • s/w kitchen & lounge cleaning starts Aug-1

Previous Action Items

Open topics

  • cooling shutdown in CRA/CRB possibly starting tomorrow.

Team reports


  • vacation
  • back from vacation


  • it2tcs - adding IRCx commands
    • grep "commands.insert" menu.cpp | sed 's/.*("\([^"]*\).*/\1/' | sort to list IRC commands
  • profilling libTCS
    • it2tcs tooks a lot of CPU time - ~1.2 sec compared to same IRCx call, which takes ~0.02 sec
    • problem is in supposedly non-optimal readout of event and refmem files
    • learned basis from callgring, kcachegrind
    • tried -O3 (obvious choice), which produces some new gcc warnings
  • rebasing OAC + newGCS into master (to include recent changes)
  • OAC, GCS
  • mountain trip (Carl, Yang)


  • Vault wrangling
    • Done moving the script to Powershell with error handling.
    • Found a condition that causes the ADMS console to silenly not do the backup, added a check for that
    • Client-side vault issues solved
  • Google Calendar event replication request
    • Found a solution, sent to OC. No feedback yet


  • sw0101,s0102,sw0104,sw0301,sw0302,sw1001 upgraded to latest recommended firmware
  • sw0103 did not reload, so we switched over to using sw0104 as primary for cleanroom
  • blocked LBTI rsync that was consuming too much bandwith, discussion with Paul Grenz.
  • replaced NUC
  • update switch firmware as I can
  • computer room cooling work
  • github (John and Steve's stuff)
  • ks another 507 machine


Last week
  • read and sent comments for the new OVMS-TT version
  • analyze the detached magnet data
  • set SX AdSec for SOUL test in the lab
  • support SOUL lab test
  • support DX AdSec work
  • DX AdSec configuration files recovery
Next week:
  • work on DX AdSec on the mountain


  • New LBC skyflat wiki program (mostly finished, will create a pull request after some testing).
  • LBC fpia and wrc repo reorganization.
  • Studied some of the current MODS and LBC alarm scripts.
  • May meet with Al briefly for AO-Cravat stuffs.


  • UMAC PLC code for current telemetry
  • defined UMAC gathering for telemetry data
  • mountain trip?
  • integrate OAC into GCS to use TCS RPC calls
  • write telemetry to DPRAM and output a csv file


Last week
  • OT
    • Working on OT MODS scripting side
  • LUCI
    • Adding LUCI new filters (work in progress)
    • Creating a tarball of LUCI to be run in Barry's laptop (in progress)
This week:
  • OT
    • Finish working on OT related MODS issues
  • LUCI
    • Finish adding LUCI new filters
    • Finish creating and tesing LUCI tarball to be run in Barry's laptop


  • Monnit telemetry
    • POC: Peter Gray
    • Goal: liberate the sensor tm from via REST API.
    • Current Python prototype dumps XML to console.
    • Investigating integration with lib-telemetry to save HDF5 to NFS mount.
    • Attempting to build lib-telemetry on Centos 7 vm, resolve dependencies.
  • Alarm Handling System (AHS, aka CHAOS)
    • POC: Matthieu Bec, Petr Kubanek
    • Goal: overhaul/consolidate disparate alerting tools.
    • Followed up with D Cox and D Thompson for details on what alerts and how.
    • Thompson asked me to review data dictionary to see what systems are currently writing alert data there, after which we can determine what's missing.

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