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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-06-24

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

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LR20190617 - Bec, Matthieu 39.0
LR20190617 - Colson, Andrew 40.0
LR20190617 - Edmeades, David 40.0
LR20190617 - Sola, Igor 0.0
LR20190617 - Kubanek, Petr 43.5
LR20190617 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20190617 - Zhang, Yang 40.0
LR20190617 - Zhang, Xianyu 0.0

News from management

  • safety trainings: first round more intense, following should be lighter refreshers
  • lounge cleaning group assignment/volunteers
  • L4AO / AO4ELT recap: good LBTO representation, next gen low power adsecs, relaxed CH rules possible. All ELT's moving to AO w/no extra operation staff. LBT visible interferometry (LIVE). Julian will present something more comprehensive.
  • Yearly schedule presented by Laura (board, SSD, obs proposal, plan review, etc.)
  • New format for timesheet is coming
  • POR (plan Of Record) that identifies plan, outcomes, recommendations (e.g., UITS reloc document)

Previous Action Items

Open topics

  • what is O2O2 ?
  • what are changes on the new 64 bits machines compared with the existing ones?
  • Using the LUCI simulator b4 interface version changes hits production?

Team reports


  • trying to close the lid on IAS, Julian sent an email
  • PEs (long weekend)
  • server room & constructions meet up and feedback with SH/DE
  • iLocater network meet up
  • PEs out and meet up
  • CH preps
  • GMT M1 review


  • VMWare support call
    • Convoluted path to single cable networking setup
    • Working out final details now
  • Final rack plan for colo move
  • POR fillout
  • Mountain VMWare SSD conclusions
    • Option is clone system drive onto new SSD and mirror it, set up new data mirror. No hot spares.
    • Go for ordering hardware?
  • Google group problem magically disappeared
  • VMWare quotes
    • Order? 3 Year?
  • Zoom
    • We can now fold our licenses into the UA umbrella. I'm finding out what the process is now
  • Elliot workstation was up, but crashed during Windows install.
  • files.lbto
    • Others are having similar problems
    • Updating to 1070 did not fix
    • Opened Github ticket with them
  • Synology
    • Freed 11TiB of recycle bin space
    • Disabled recycle bin on that dir
    • Moving 6TiB of old backup data to cloud for moldering
    • Plan to move Veeam and Vault backup dirs to Volume2 to get them away from the archive
    • Should we also move the telemetry? Volume4 has lots of space. Too much disruption?
    • Replaced disk in prefail
  • Igor VM selinux troubles resolved
  • UITS unblock ports 8010 and 8011 for 4D server. Any others it might need?
  • Elliot WS investigation
  • Send final colo form to UITS for final quote and preliminary scheduling. Short meeting with Stephen today.
  • VM Host networking dance. Getting great support from VMWare.


  • TCS:
    • Fixed a small ECS problem with Petr.
    • Dan Cox confirmed that the updated ECS PLC works fine. SHARK now officially uses the last two remaining PLC bits.
    • Petr did a SHARK authorization test during engineering time. Everything looks fine, other than the missing pointing and collimation files (which we will supply at a later time).
    • We can now formally declare the conclusion of the TCS/SHARK development for now.
    • Continue to work on Olga's sky flats wiki Python program.
    • Spent some time with Olga to investigate the LBCFPIA program (related to IT#7723). Olga summarized our findings as a new note in the issue track.
    • Organize the sciops-lbcfpia/lbcwrs github repository.
    • Gather LBC/MODS related remote room and obs machine information.
  • Getting back to AO-Cravat project.
  • Completed safty training courses (perhaps more courses will appear soon).


  • 2019A - problems on initial deployment during testing, deployed again for PEPSI run and beyond * (re?)found probably non-related issue in Luci with error handling
  • tcs-cluster - detected problems with multiple processes (IT7733, ..)
  • Dan IT7744 ECS patch
  • other ITs (7695,..)


  • Created systemd service for pms-lasair
  • Solicited feedback for ARGOS workstation upgrade
    • multiple screen setup is preferred over one monitor
    • x2go is preferred over VNC
  • follow up on ARGOS workstation upgrade and observe operation procedures
  • UMAC telemetry
  • FACSUM network ambiguity


Last week
  • OT
    • #IT7560 getting the 2MASS image to work again (done)
    • Working on getting the latest OCS code to work with IntelliJ (done)
    • Find a way to pass tile size on image catalog query in subwindow. Not possible without mayor coding, found an easier way using the jsky catalog library configuration. (done)
    • #IT7441 subwindowing for LBC chips (ongoing)

  • LUCI
    • #IT7743 incomplete fits files. GEIRS connection issue with camera.
    • #IT7746 In the code it looked like we were waiting for an IIF command, then it turned out, thanks to Petr, we weren't catching an ICE timeout and now it looks like, the change in behaviour might be due to the new ICE interface version. Although, catching the timeout exception would have been a good idea no matter what.
    • Also looking at Docker for building/running TCS and MCSPU simulators and also for other possible uses. I.e. could it work for setting the LUCI software in the luci backup machine?

This week
  • OT
    • #IT7441 subwindowing for LBC chips
    • #IT7074, #IT7192 Issues related to ARGOS and ARGOS guide stars and also the way OT handles errors.
  • LUCI
    • Working with IT to come up with a satisfactory LUCI script and directory structure to be used in the observer machines.


Last week
  • AdSec simulator works with 4D
  • Improved procedures to determ jumping actutor with Guido
  • 4D and AO Meeting
  • Help Guido to analyze SX AdSec flat with old 4D
This week
  • Continue jumping actutor issue with Guido
  • Improve the magnet detach prodcedure?


  • repository issues on Friday, Saturday
  • All-sky issues -- maybe a bad fiber converter, but I still think it may be the computer. Leroy fussed a lot with it on Friday.
  • mountain VM breakage on Monday 17th.
  • iLocater network work
  • Mountain
    • replaced AUX thin client successfully
    • hunted for a good cell place (not in evidence)
    • cleaned out wiring in CRB and CRA, mainly to accomodate iLocater
    • Steve A. and next steps for obs
  • abell and camera images
  • VM cleanup
  • kickstart SOUL for xzhang
  • jpower google weirdness and fairies
  • kickstarts!!! (display, rm507)
  • All Sky (parts in on Wednesday)
  • mountain telemetry -- why is it not cleaning, etc.
  • repository -- not purging (good), but GCS symlink didn't move (bad).
  • VPN accounts for archive peeps
  • claimed the half-rack in the hall for king and country, so I need to find a place in my office to host it.

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