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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-05-06

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

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News from management

  • CH recruitment

Previous Action Items

Open topics

  • working culture
    • Aspiring to be the first of the ELTs and one of the leading 8-m class telescopes, LBTO must offer, state-of-the art instruments that efficiently and reliably deliver high-quality data to the users of the observatory, thus enabling excellent science at the forefront of astronomyā€¯
    • one small step ,,, S/W weekly reports, not attending vs. not reporting - c.f. last week entry.
  • Luci 'script' to go in the clean room.
  • local git clones, gitlab, gitlab-CI

Team reports


  • OC, WPC, Management
  • OVMS-TT discussions with Martin G
  • (re)discovered lz4
  • fighting misc js nagging issue for dms
    • dx/m1/hp1, how it can be useful
  • SDSS ctd, SSD over USPS
  • safety training
  • UITS colloc, vault r/w, ketiv support renewal - get some answers
  • dms ctd.
  • staff/system responsibilites
  • TMT executive s/w review


  • More online safty training courses assigned.
  • Looked into the TCS instruments authorization more. Clarified several things with Xianyu and Matthieu. Will produce a baseline version.
  • Received from Olga the data and files related to her LBC flats wiki. Working on produce a unified version.
  • In the process of communication with Al Conrad to clarify several questions regarding to recent AO test data. After that, we'll run some tests on the Strehl calculation program.


Last week
  • LUCI
    • Worked on next iteration of entrance window dust detection algorithm for LUCI. Sent data to Dave T.

  • PIT
    • Arizona spreadsheet done but need to put the script in git.
This week
  • Short work week for me (Mon and Tues) going to Havasupai ... I promise pictures!
  • LUCI
    • Didn't work on issuetrak #7642 (RTD aladin bug? on reading X/Y coordinates) but there is an interest to test this fix and possibly other LUCI work, such us the RTD AFC front end work (not AFC testing) and if have time to add it, a fix to #7473, one of the engineering nights in May, maybe the 16th.
    • Probably more work on entrance window dust detection algorithm for LUCI
  • OT
    • Apply the AO/GUIDE star mix coordinate fix to production


  • GCS, OAC development
  • participated in DX hardpoint #1 troubleshooting (electronics board replacement)
  • TCS 2019A build, telescope testing failed
  • OVMS configuration reporting
  • short week (see you Thursday)
  • TCS 2019A issues


  • Mike G, new laptop
  • Emergency mountain comm. setup and experiment
  • Switched obs from NX to x2go
  • ks catalogs for DSS
  • weird network traffic with Wolfgang
  • Dave problem with NX
  • talked to CJ about parking servers
  • Mx support incident ECSGUI -- detail in e-mail


  • kickstart SOUL
  • re-kickstart workstation to F30 -- weird git/github problems with Docker RPM builds
  • Gene's computer (?)


  • safety training
  • FACSUM cleanup
  • Tested telemetry DMS
  • Missing ARGOS keywords - reviewed AOS and TCS code; updated tracking spreadsheet
  • need hdf5 RPM for lasair
  • review ARGOS FITS viewer (SW - comment made during ARGOS post-run meeting)
  • AGW1 UMAC support (date TBD but likely Thursday)
  • Add AOSTAGEX/Y/Z ARGOS keywords


Last week
  • OVMS test on the telescope
  • AdSec SW changes for OVMS FW
  • Config flao-dxwfs for OVMS
  • new SwitchBCU FW update and test for FLAO/SOUL
  • change the OVMS test plan for new FW
  • change the OVMS design review for new FW
  • copy the AO log on flao-sxwfs to mountain SAN
  • identify max and delta max mode threshold for OVMS
  • TCS, AOS dicussion with Yang
  • received new 4D WCF interface document
  • finishded defensive driving course
This week
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