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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-04-15

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

Report auto-generated 20190415 06:45, Do not edit this table, use entries in smartsheets.

LR20190408 - Bec, Matthieu 48.5
LR20190408 - Colson, Andrew 40.0
LR20190408 - Edmeades, David 38.0
LR20190408 - Sola, Igor 0.0
LR20190408 - Kubanek, Petr 40.0
LR20190408 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20190408 - Zhang, Yang 39.0
LR20190408 - Zhang, Xianyu 45.5

News from management

Previous Action Items

Open topics

Team reports


  • OC, WPC, Management
  • Carl's zoom interview + 5x phone screening
  • DMS
  • LASAIR 64 bits - xtreme/peer coding experiment
  • SciArc zoom webinar follow up on logistics
  • Express Maintenance 'training', SSD planning, LBTI pre/post meeting
  • Carl's follow up
  • Self-hosted image server, queried Gemini
  • DMS



  • LBTO redesign mockups
    • Will throw them on a VM today for viewing
  • Solidworks license question finally settled; purchased one seat to bring us into compliance
  • Slow trickle of SMS emails for critical tickets and some indication that not everyone read the request mail I sent; might be worth checking in management meetings to make sure everyone who wants to get them has given me their info
  • Found a Synology drive in SMART pre-fail condition. R&R, sent drive for warranty replacement, rebuild is nearly done. Drive was in passive half.
  • Andrew: PM network config all set?
  • Ping UITS again; "a few days" has turned into several weeks
  • Veeam backup support renewal
    • Support only; we can choose not to pay and continue using the version we have
    • I read the documentation of the new version, and didn't see any killer features
    • ~$400/year


  • Follow up on Olga's sky flats program requirement (so far, it seems they don't have problem with the Python program itself, they just wanted a better way to integrate the flat table to their wiki page).
  • TCS work:
    • Previous pull request edits (astyled new files and other mics edits).
    • Looking into new instrument authorization.
  • AO-Cravat:
    • Resolved Chart.js problems (have to use Chart.bundle.js for some functionality).
    • Some major redesign and reorganization.
    • Starting to integrate Al and Steve's Strehl calculation script (implemented as a server side Python program now).
    • Need to rethink how the overall interface work and aim to come up with a streamlined and more efficient version before meeting with Al Conrad the next time.


  • AGw1 - troubleshot and tested guide probe motion settling time problem. Likely mechanical issue and will require removal in May. Plan is being developed by JK and will need software support to drive the UMAC.
  • PMS - ported to 64-bit
  • AGw1 - test guide probe movements at differernt with LUCI rotation at various orientations
  • PMS - RPM build and CI
  • FACSUM upgrade


Last week
  • LUCI
    • Work at RTD issue #7642 .
    • Working on entrace window dust detection algorithm for LUCI
This week
  • LUCI
    • Still working on RTD issue #7642 . Near completion but I still need to run a few more tests.
    • Working on entrace window dust detection algorithm for LUCI
  • PIT
    • Arizona spreadsheet
  • OT
    • Apply the AO/GUIDE star mix coordinate fix to production


  • wireless on the mountain * level 1-3 well covered * need to check pier * elevator work (will require elevator guy?) * level 4 covered, but needs a couple installations * purchased more devices * PEPSI conversation
  • proxmox and GPU binding in qemu-kvm (kicked my ass)
  • 32-bit VM for Andrew PMS, help Andrew with PMS network.
  • Wiki changed to different modules, pre-fork Apache in pursuit of memory leaks.
  • Mountain link drops
  • Windows 7 updates borked machines
  • Some more inventory work.
  • Laptop up the mountain for Mike W.
  • F29 kickstart rewrites, RPMs for mount points
  • Cindy's machine upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (today)
  • OAC logs copy down for Petr
  • Gustavo's issue with Vault
  • John Little's old laptop (re-os/x-ify)


Last week
  • OVMS design review 2.0
  • OVMS test plan 3.0
  • current AO SW skip frame threshold limt dicussion
  • current AO SW skip frame recovery dicussion
  • OVMS test on the telescope
This week
  • OVMS test on the telescope
  • FW update and test?
  • low level AO SW for OVMS
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