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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-04-01

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

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LR20190325 - Bec, Matthieu 49.5
LR20190325 - Colson, Andrew 40.0
LR20190325 - Edmeades, David 8.0
LR20190325 - Sola, Igor 0.0
LR20190325 - Kubanek, Petr 32.0
LR20190325 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20190325 - Zhang, Yang 40.0
LR20190325 - Zhang, Xianyu 0.0

News from management

Previous Action Items

Open topics

Team reports


  • more OAC/GCS work


  • Final flurry of edits for L4AO page
    • Live now, taking registrations, all seems well
  • Conversation with IssueTrak re: critical ticket alerts
    • Email summary wasn't good
    • Have another meeting with IT tomorrow to communicate the shortcomings and see if there's a better solution
  • UITS proposal meeting in their queue
  • Monitor L4AO site for new registrants, minor edits
  • IssueTrak meeting
  • UITS meeting
  • Order RAM for Obs/507 machines


  • OC, WPC, Management
  • PB/OVMS+ AO planning
  • DMS (data mining system) telemetry new page, WIP but getting there
  • timeseries db, continued
  • hands-on few different places (oac, pmns, aocravat, luci slowdowns)
  • Shark-NIR follow-ups
  • follow-up VoIP (internally)'
  • IT cleanup
  • TCS/OAC discussions with PK - low level socket vs. the like of ice/zmq, they solved the problem already
  • timeseries db, continued
  • DMS telemetry
  • generate group sub-systems responsibilty spreadsheet
  • meet Jenny - IT7493
  • phone screen new applicant
  • job ad, split and conqueer
  • IMS critical SMS
  • EE interview


  • OVMS+TT meetings
  • sent out first draft of OVMS+TT design review and test plan with Guido
  • Meeting with SOUL team
  • AO observation support
  • 4D SW follow up
  • OVMS+TT meeting and code?
  • PBP action items
  • AO observation support


  • Some online safty training (more training assigned today).
  • AO-Cravat:
    • Synced with github the current code.
    • Working on interface based on Matthieu's recent updates.
    • Studied Al and Steve's preliminary Python Strehl codes and now try to work that in the interface.
    • Petr helped explaining how to set up refmem/DDS variables.
    • Worked on the "ApplyWaffleAO" new code in the AOS (now mostly complete).
    • Will try to create a github branch and submit a pull request.
    • Next to look at the instrument authorization.


  • kickstart ovms-tt.cfg -- comes up with the correct kernel.
  • Windows XP work for Jonathan's M1 hardpoint test stand.
  • Inventory work -- just a wee bit.
  • Monitor scripts need to flush videocam images in a working way.
  • Database query of zabbix for Elisa.
  • network for PLC test
  • wireless implementation (plan)
  • Steve A. to try out new obs machine


Last week
  • OT
    • Worked on a backend fix about a failed script with AO and Guide stars coordinate mixing.
  • PIT
    • INAF pit work. Mostly done, did one more iteration with Michelle, the italians are now happy!
  • LUCI
    • LUCI issue tracks 7493
    • Met with Dave about scoping entrace window dust detection algorithm for LUCI
This week
  • PIT
    • Arizona spreadsheet
  • LUCI
    • Working on entrace window dust detection algorithm for LUCI
    • Meet with Barry about issue 7473
  • OT
    • Apply the AO/GUIDE star mix coordinate fix to production


  • OAC 5.2 to be released on Friday.
    • now pointing to correct ezcaPut
    • added global lock
    • added ezcaStartGroup() and ezcaEndGroupWithReport()
  • Particle monitor
    • updated telemetry leapseconds table and directory structure
    • removed weather plots and replaced with radar image widget
  • add FACSUM logic for radar image
  • coordinate particle monitor delivery to the mountain
  • cllose misc ITs
  • follow-up on IT#7612 (sluggish PSFL)
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