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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2019-02-18

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Petr, Stephen, Yang


Labor Reporting

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News from management

Previous Action Items

Open topics

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Team reports


  • OC, WPC, management
  • fix dup telemetry files sent to Alta
  • AO s/w effort planning meeting
  • Discuss with AO parties about git migration and benefits, tentatively March
  • obsdev discussions
  • follow up obs workstation upgrade plans, some issue from my VM
  • phone screened 2x new applicants,
  • Friday/Monday off
  • github/zenhub
  • obsdev discussions
  • follow up obs workstation upgrade plans
  • SSD 2019 - compile list for Laura (needs your input)


  • GCS redesign - AcqusitionThread, state diagram, GCSState class
  • finally mastered dot (for diagram production), embedded into doxygen documentation
  • lot around locking strategies
  • mirror cover meeting (Tuesday 3pm)
  • GCS efforts


  • Rack 3 work
    • Moved VM hosts with no downtime, yay!
    • Moved other less critical machines
    • UPSes to bottom
  • Chasing after Solidworks rep.
  • 4TB drives still available
  • Modify UPS plug with cable on order
  • Networking theory shift
    • Thinking about removing redundant 10Gb switching to use existing switches. This should not really impact reliability.
    • Much cleaner and simpler
    • Will have to math out port numbers; it's possible we'll need more ports in the near-to-medium future, but this will work as a proof of concept.
  • Begin planning Rack 3 population before and during shutdown.


  • More online training done.
    • Partially implemented broadcast channel and CSS grid layout, still have trouble with some issues.
    • Continue to investigate solutions to the various problems in web programming.
    • Work on interface polishing more.
  • TCS/IIF:
    • Studying ICE/IIF documents.
    • Need to setup a test environment/cases for the command CorrectModesAO


  • Implementing AGW3 channel into ALH
    • All IT and OAC and most MODS channels read UDF invalid
    • Trouble shooting: Reverted to original tcs.db and ALH-OAC.alhConfig files. Restarted ALH and EPICS-IOC daemon.
    • Corrupt IOC database?
  • Fix and restablish channel access for ALH
    • OAC 5.2 branch to remove quick fix in 5.1
  • Particle Monitor
    • Firmware is severly outdate. Received quote to update it but we will decline service.
  • AGW3 and ALH implmentation
  • build OAC 5.2 on mountain


Last week

  • PIT development, adding LBTI instrument selections
  • Wrap up OT binocular/merging script
  • Met with Michelle a few times to discuss a scheduler for LBTO.

This week

  • Finish PIT development for LBTI
  • Probably start Italian PIT development
  • Continue with new scheduler effort.


  • bought some wireless gear for mountain
  • fedora on to rm507 machine
  • Josh and python
  • nx problems on obs4 and obs2
  • mods and oac alh db.
  • mountain web upgrade fixes
  • tcs-test mount point fixes
  • engineering server
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