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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-12-24

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


Labor Reporting

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LR20181203 - Bec, Matthieu 65.0
LR20181203 - Colson, Andrew 48.0
LR20181203 - Edmeades, David 64.0
LR20181203 - Sola, Igor 64.0
LR20181203 - Kubanek, Petr 80.0
LR20181203 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20181203 - Zhang, Yang 80.0
LR20181203 - Zhang, Xianyu 27.0
LR20181217 - Bec, Matthieu 80.0
LR20181217 - Colson, Andrew 32.0
LR20181217 - Edmeades, David 40.0
LR20181217 - Sola, Igor 40.0
LR20181217 - Kubanek, Petr 40.0
LR20181217 - Hooper, Stephen 40.0
LR20181217 - Zhang, Yang 40.0
LR20181217 - Zhang, Xianyu 40.0

Transition plan

Handover steps

  1. primary + secondary do self learning, gather information, read wiki
  2. primary organize teamviewer/zoom walk through with Kellee and secondary
  3. primary draft techtalk w. input from secondary
  4. techtalk review by Kellee
  5. primary does a team presentation

Please update this table to indicate progress.

Application(s) PrimarySorted ascending Secondary Week
particle monitors AC Petr 4
AC (2)
Petr (2)
AC (2)
Petr (2)
AC (2)
Matthieu (2)
INDI Igor (2)
Matthieu (2)
ALH Igor(2)
Matthieu (2)
Status Server Stephen (2)
Matthieu (2)
Yang (1)
Stephen (1) 3
Yang (5)
Igor (1/2) 2

News from management

  • PEPSI/pol high profile run in January: AGW3 & 4 must be ready
  • ARGOS half-night Dec 22 - confirmed
  • Time Sheets for Pay Period End Date December 30, 2018 must be submitted and approved no later than 5:00 pm on Tuesday, December 18, 201

Previous Action Items

  • Skill set list (DE)
  • UA time (AC)

Open topics

Bring any topics you want for discussion at the meeting here. Use <topic>[<name>] formatting.

  • seeing monitor upgrade
  • end of year support
  • network dropout - antenna monitoring?
  • iLocater Single-Mode Data Fibers - CRA/CRB to Electronics Shop
  • BCU f/w upgrade documentation
  • Dust monitor status
  • AO improvement: Luci kwds
  • AO cabinet switch upgrade - follow up
  • wifi summit upgrade (note: end-of-year deadline)
  • Tucson CR power overhaul plan (note: end-of-year deadline)
  • n507/obs upgrade (note: end-of-year deadline)
  • synology new drives
  • PGray mirror cover req. feedback
  • Installing python packages on flao-sxwfs
  • support aligned with mountain schedule (starting Tuesday instead of Monday)? (PK)

This week in github

Team reports


  • Finished the intro MODS wiki page.
  • Completed the MODS tech talk.
  • A preliminary web interface for AO-Cravat is constructed.
  • Meeting with Al to discuss progress and plans for the AO-Cravat project.
  • Next will focus on developing an infrastructure for server part, will start with reading and experimenting with mod_python and Apache settings.


  • New Synology drives arrived finally
    • Installed (no immediate problem with the 12TB drives, despite not being explicitely approved by Synology)
    • Arrays and volumes building
    • By the time anyone reads this, they should be available for use
      • Volume2: 43.64TiB
      • Volume4: 32.73TiB
      • Both RAID-6
      • Removed the spanning of drives between units; now all volumes are fully contained within one hardware container.
  • Replaced batteries in Rack1 UPS
  • Attempt to modernize AGw computer OS software to read modern USB storage devices, but this was unsuccessful. Suspect a limit of the Windows 7 driver.
    • As an alternate, we connected a Samba share on the OAC machine which is visible to AGw and LBT network clients
  • Autodesk software meeting; don't think our internal plans have changed re: 2018 everything


  • This Week
    • LUCI
      • Added AFC visualization to obs# production (test) directory for Dave T. to try.
      • Improve on Auxiliary cabinet exchange step. Basically use a retry if a switch gets stuck. A version of the code is in production but not tested. It might be tested in the next exchange.
      • Fixed AOPMDEC Fits keyword
      • Looking at RTD issue #7473
        • Unable to use AFC Align Pinhole
      • Added new pinhole definitions to LUCI 1 tables.
  • Next Week (January)
    • Possibly working on OT ARGOS/ESM binocular scripting
    • Look at RTD issues #7473, #7488 and #7512.
      • Unable to use AFC Align Pinholes to Align Field Stop For N30 Camera
      • Slow subtraction in RTD
      • LUCI-2 skips field image during MOS acquisition




  • Microwave web camera changes.
  • analysis host reinstallation as Fedora 29 for Matthieu.
  • moved filesystems on Synology for new disk installation, and requisite changes on mounting hosts.
  • IPC kickstart install for OVMS-TT
  • Re-quoted ARGOS computer, and asked that Matthieu be added to Dell Premier.
  • UITS complaints that AO was DOS-ing a computer in the Netherlands.
  • Powered off old AO machines
  • Powered off 32-bit


last week:
  • Generate the excel memory map for old and new crate BCU memory map
  • Analysis thousands measurements for current 4D resolution check
  • OVMS+TT meeting
  • Fastlink fiber swaps configration and debug
  • Rewritten/Reformat the SW requirements with Matthieu
  • Change mis-typed LN IP on AdSec machine because UITS complains
  • Dicussion about SX AdSec TT slow issue
  • Check "special" housekeeper parameters


  • OC, WPC, Management
  • OVMS+TT meeting, received 3xIPC, received cable serial specs passed on to Eng. for procurement
  • ao-cravat meeting and way forward, meet once a month at least
  • Ketiv support call, Bucki moving on
  • attend LUCI remote test from Italy using vnc
  • refactoring and packaging AHS (alarm handling system)
  • schedule 3x phone screening interview
  • schedule sci-arch meeting mid Jan,
  • update my skillset, send to CV
  • misc github activities
  • AO keyword planning with Andrew and Igor
  • deltatau site training, waiting clean invoice
  • review 4D s/w requirements
  • engineering science archive demo on analysis
  • site training with deltatau, get invoice
  • phone screening
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