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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-11-12

Attendees: Andrew, David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang

Veterans Day - meeting adjourned.


News from management

Previous Action Items

  • Labor reporting
  • Skill set lists

Labor Reporting

LR20181022 - Bec, Matthieu 82.0
LR20181022 - Colson, Andrew 76.0
LR20181022 - Colson, Andrew 0.0
LR20181022 - Edmeades, David 0.0
LR20181022 - Sola, Igor 60.0
LR20181022 - Kubanek, Petr 76.0
LR20181022 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20181022 - Zhang, Yang 80.0
LR20181022 - Zhang, Xianyu 80.0

LR20181105 - Bec, Matthieu 48.5
LR20181105 - Colson, Andrew 40.0
LR20181105 - Colson, Andrew 0.0
LR20181105 - Edmeades, David 0.0
LR20181105 - Sola, Igor 0.0
LR20181105 - Kubanek, Petr 9.0
LR20181105 - Hooper, Stephen 80.0
LR20181105 - Zhang, Yang 40.0
LR20181105 - Zhang, Xianyu 40.0

Transition plan

Handover steps

  1. primary + secondary do self learning, gather information, read wiki
  2. primary organize teamviewer/zoom walk through with Kellee and secondary
  3. primary draft techtalk w. input from secondary
  4. techtalk review by Kellee
  5. primary does a team presentation

Please update this table to indicate progress.

Application(s) Primary Secondary Week
AC (5)
Petr (4)
AC (2)
Petr (2)
AC (5)
Petr (2)
AC (2)
Petr (2)
AC (2)
Matthieu (2)
ALH Igor(2)
Matthieu (2)
INDI Igor (2)
Matthieu (2)
Petr (5)
Matthieu (2)
Petr (5)
Matthieu (2)
Petr (5)
Matthieu (2)
Status Server Stephen (2)
Matthieu (2)
Telemetry cleanup Stephen (1) Petr 3
Yang (3)
Igor(2) 2
Yang (2)
Igor (1/2) 2
Yang (1)
Stephen (1) 3
particle monitors AC Petr 4

Open topics

Bring any topics you want for discussion at the meeting here. Use <topic>[<name>] formatting.

  • Magic laptop clone/vm - news from Microgate?
  • ARGOS CI/Wiki/daytime test readiness
  • Tucson CR, UPS/power plan (hardware purchase before end of the year)
  • LBTI/shark+ilocater IIF/INDI (comments asked, XZ?)
  • Luci web-io cold heads state in telemetry for vibration

Team reports


  • added maximum elevation and update minimum elevation to ARGOS satellite avoidance software (IT #7467)
  • updated DX WFS pupil motors positions in config files
  • created argos+soul branch
  • investigated possible remote desktop connections to ARGOS desktops
  • fixed (on-going) ARGOS wiki pages

config files for DX WFS pupil


  • refreshed "git rebase -Xtheirs " command (to rebase and prefer yours (there is a bit mess in yours/theirs for rebase) commits
  • patch for IT7387 - don't include rotators for LBC etc. trajectories
  • tcs-build merged, small changes to build process
  • rediscovered "set -x" in bash (echo script commands)
  • how to get FITS header: fold right | sed '/^END/q'_
  • GCS issues, splitting


  • OC, WPC chair, management
  • 4D procurement meeting
  • LBTI pre/post run
  • TMS new focal station transform
  • OVMS+TT planning
  • OVMS troubleshooting IT7133, contacted UEI
  • look into Argos CI, Js9
  • TMS
  • OCS planning
  • svn: vs git:MODS, contact Rick and Jerry
  • continuation of above
  • automate weekly report heading section
  • revamp software wiki main page


  • switched over abell web to run off VM
  • changed out (Ubuntu, newer TP-Link software).
  • killed off some cron jobs that are doing various things moving telemetry, populating statserv stuff -- still more there though.
  • set up permanent monitoring of network bandwidth
  • made an "info" start page, so I won't get shit about that anymore.
  • work on the Fedora 28 install
  • dockerize the display a display runner
  • continue DNS configuration -- port to Docker.


  • 4D Sight Foucs SW disscussion/requirement with 4D SW maneger
  • Remote Fast-Link Test support
  • Create ARGOS-SOUL svn branch and arogs accont on soul-dxwfs
  • Flash crate BCU FW
  • Power backplane plan/milestone dicussion and meeting
  • RestartOVMS /TT
  • Work on PBP lab setup
  • support AO operation


Last Week

  • LUCI
    • When observers use LUCI they will primarily use the LUCI scheduler. This is a java GUI that loads an XML and executes it. This GUI typically runs remotely as from Tucson and communicates with the LUCI backend via RMI. It's typically event base, meaning there are listeners waiting for updates to happen, this updates come via Journalizer events, and this events, might contain or might trigger the client code to access remote object information via RMI, all this as the GUI refreshes itself dynamically. It's a common occurrence in LUCI clients to suddenly hang or behave in strange way. Most of the time is temporary and we don't lose much time at night and other times it might go for days, without being able to pin point to any specific culprit. So we need to know more about what is going on inside the LUCI software machine. As part of the work to add more debugging to the journalizer I looked into the way LUCI logs it's messages. LUCI has a logging message infrastructure that channels the messages to the database, with all sort of detail and provenance, quite sophisticated. As for simple STDOUT or STDERR messages the LUCI manager seems has a way to trap those file descriptors and channel them to a single "screen" instance. That process is still not clear but the effect it has is that a single log will contain all the output for every single process the LMC spawns.
  • PIT
    • Partner generation of PDFs for sciops. This Week:
Keep looking into LUCI issues

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