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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-11-05

Attendees: David, Igor, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


News from management

  • Labor reporting
  • Skill set lists

Previous Action Items

  • xxx

Transition plan

Handover steps

  1. primary + secondary do self learning, gather information, read wiki
  2. primary organize teamviewer/zoom walk through with Kellee and secondary
  3. primary draft techtalk w. input from secondary
  4. techtalk review by Kellee
  5. primary does a team presentation

Please update this table to indicate progress.

Application(s)Sorted ascending Primary Secondary Week
ALH Igor(2)
Matthieu (2)
AC (2)
Petr (2)
AC (5)
Petr (2)
AC (2)
Matthieu (2)
Petr (5)
Matthieu (2)
INDI Igor (2)
Matthieu (2)
Yang (3)
Igor(2) 2
Yang (2)
Igor (1/2) 2
AC (5)
Petr (4)
Petr (5)
Matthieu (2)
particle monitors AC Petr 4
Status Server Stephen (2)
Matthieu (2)
Yang (1)
Stephen (1) 3
Petr (5)
Matthieu (2)
Telemetry cleanup Stephen (1) Petr 3
AC (2)
Petr (2)

Open topics

Bring any topics you want for discussion at the meeting here. Use <topic>[<name>] formatting.

  • Magic laptop clone/vm - news from Microgate?
  • ARGOS CI/Wiki/daytime test readiness
  • Tucson CR, UPS/power plan (hardware purchase before end of the year)
  • LBTI/shark+ilocater IIF/INDI (comments asked, XZ?)
  • Luci web-io cold heads state in telemetry for vibration

This week in github

Team reports


  • doc reading
  • LBC guiding issue
  • improvements on time-to-limits (as I got stuck with LBC)
  • some GCS work
  • more on tcs-build (prefer to now delete old activate/patch/.. scripts and keep only tcs-build)
next week:
  • hope to figure out verification for LBC guiding and fix it
  • GCS


  • OC, WPC, management
  • new IMS report per divisions
  • svn2git, cisrv01 on-going work
  • Misc IT plan ovms-tt, luci fiber-splitter
  • TMS new focal station transform
  • SciArch follow up
  • Argos HO review doc and send to WG
  • OCS outsourcing
  • WPC chair


  • AGROS SW support
    • Wake-up test 11/8
    • Post-SOUL test 11/13
  • ARGOS daytime tests 11/16-20
  • ARGOS Jenkins build
    • TaN test failing
    • INSROOT env variable not set??
  • Ask MB for input on AzCam and weatherstation tech talks
  • DIMM svn to git


  • Web front programming learning and prototyping:
    • Google Polymer 3 + Web components learning and prototyping.
    • Now focused on fits file displaying and JS9 integration on web.
  • LBC support wiki page editing.
  • Some more work on collimation data?
  • Weekly instruments meeting and updates/sync with Al if possible.


  • various network problems all week -- execessive bandwidth, winds, VT "equipment", SMT issues.
  • ordered replacement fiber switches for AO cabinets
  • Synology borked the Engineering drive permissions.
  • Turned off "web2.tucson" and removed cluster from "web" server.
  • switch over abell web?
  • change out (F28, newer TP-Link software).
  • kill off some cron jobs that are doing various things moving telemetry, populating statserv stuff.
  • hand-hold network


  • check IIF commads with AOS
  • Communicate with MG about Power Backplane test documents
  • Test few functionalities with Power Backplane setup
  • Visit and discuss with 4D company
  • Install/test the 4Sight Focus with windows 10 VM
  • 4Sight Focus VM client test
  • Start remote communication test between linux and 4Sight foucs
  • Work on PBP lab setup
  • AO SW and 4Sight foucs communication
  • support AO operation


Last Week

Mostly off due to sickness
  • Currently looking at new rich content client option for our Java GUIs as a way to improve the user GUI experience.
    • Looked at JAX-RS, Websockets but they would require a significant paradigm shift with respect existing code, basically they run on servlet technology, would have to have your html facing interfaces in a WAR file served by say Jetty/Tomcat/GlassFish and then having a backdoor RMI channel back to your POJOS (Plain Old Java Objects) wink
    • Looking now at JavaFX and JXBrowser.
      • JavaFX is the replacement of Java Swing. Still unclear if it can run javascript, have to play with it a bit more, but it uses CSS to customize widgets and has a large and interesting widget suit, much much richer than swing.
      • WebView this is an opensource browser that runs as an application within the javaFX as JxBrowser does but it is free, part of WebKit.
      • JxBrowser is a full HTML5 compliant crhomium based embedded software. This is literally the holy grail ... but it is not free and not cheap but maybe they might have something for non-profit/universities.
This Week
  • Generating pit PDF proposals for the Queue dev team in Michelle absence.
  • Keep looking at JavaFX and JxBrowser with OT binocular as a backdrop
  • LUCI AFC? a maybe if they can test at all.
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