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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-08-06

Attendees: Andrew, Igor, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Yang


News from management

  • labor accounting wrap-up (starts Aug 27)
  • eng. mgr on site interview
  • SW Eng. recruitment

Previous Action Items

  • VMWare license vSphere follow up (DE)
  • IT email format follow up (DE)

Open topics

Bring any topics you want for discussion at the meeting here. Use <topic>[<name>] formatting.

  • SMT ntpd issue (email from aug 5)
  • s/w support calendar September on
  • OVMS racktangle upgrade + move to git

  • coding standards, indent tools (discussion) [MB]

This week in github

Team reports


  • Install/deploy ARGOS software on operational machines
  • Integrate swing arm script with MCSPU interface
  • Request ideas for ARGOS GUIs
  • ARGOS display information for FACSUM



This week:
  • LUCI work:
    • it7329 Apply median to AFC subwindows when stack is 10 or less, sigma clippling is default. Apply square donut algorithm for background shifting and 10% or 25% on the tail end if negative and shift mininum to zero. Also work on the python code to use python tk canvas.
    • it6234 Make the LUCI detector focus stage dependent on a 2D array of offset values for camera and grating
    • Work on LUCI handover document
Next week
  • probably will start some PIT work


Last week
  • OAC HK modifications
    • initial state of AGWs should be ignored for alarming purposes
    • "OK" message on return from 8051 sometimes has an extra first character, so OAC complains the command didn't work
    • mutex the use of the HK port by loop and clients instead of letting it fail in either case
    • write alarm/warning status to EPICS instead of values so we don't have two places to maintain the thresholds
    • created ALH config file for new OAC alarms
  • Discussions with MB about OAC testing requirements and personnel
  • Reverted AGW4 azcamserver modification that they use for Tucson testing; gave Mike Gardiner the info to make the same modification to AGW3 azcamserver.

This week:
  • AGW3 testing by Mike Gardner had some problems - follow up on those.
  • OVMS kernel update follow up - it is still failing when trying to run with 12 boards; Petr suspects the API needs update.
  • Add new GCS DD entries for all the 8051 HK data for 2018B release


  • management OC, (no WPC)
  • Q dev planning
  • 2019 plan
  • Shark-NIR followup (Marco email)
  • mountain/driving gps/catcard check-in system (D.Carroll)
  • OAC/GCS lab test
  • Labor accounting model and script in smartsheet
  • 2019 plan, draft + input from team
  • IT -> github issues
  • eng. / attic repos move to git


  • TTL comments, merged
  • OVMS kernel update verification (all OK)
  • Read MCSPU code, started MCSPU modifications on Argos support
  • comments on Collimation tool
  • collimation
  • merge 2018A into master, start 2018B
  • setup TO etc. simulator on tcs-test, running 2018B (as this includes major changes)
  • @Kunming, China Thursday - Thursday (will see if I will be able to zoom on Monday, MST - ~6 hours will make it challenging)



Last week:
  • Follow DX AdSec lab work;
  • Shark-NIR AO dicussion;
  • OVMS+TT dicussion;
  • finish read the MG electrinics design report.
This week:
  • Rewrite AdSec status machine for power backplance;
  • support some other summer shutdown activities.


  • Python work:
    • Finish first version of a collimation data plotting tool.
    • Finish first version of a collimation data fitting tool.
    • Thinking about reorganize recent Python code into a reusable LBTO utility module.
    • Working on using the Sphinx tool to produce better Python code documents.
  • Pointing work:
    • Create a temporary place in the SVN for all tools and docs we currently have (from Doug)
    • Create a short document on explaining the current work flow.
  • Continue to study the AO supervisor code and the IT issue #7261 (memory problem with WfsArbitrator).
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