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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-06-25

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Igor, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


News from management

  • xxx

Previous Action Items

\x95 revision control workflows [IS/PK]

due sooner rather than later trunk development vs. feature branches, vs other? practical use cases (e.g. e-night release that may roll back) use TCS release/patch as non trivial example

* LUCI re-network [SH/IS]

pros/cons/benefits to observatory

Open topics

Bring any topics you want for discussion at the meeting here. Use <topic>[<name>] formatting.

  • OT overlap [JA, IS]
  • pointing/collimation overlap [YZ,PK]
  • GIT workflow [PK,IS]

This week in github

Team reports


Last week:
  • Updated handover document with comments from WG
  • Started Wiki conversion from TRAC backup
  • Completed Wiki conversion from script
  • Jenkins configuration

This week:
  • Build RPM of TaN
  • Identify required dependencies for ARGOS and TaN
  • Get input from XZ and AO team for handover document
  • Talk to SWG about telescope support


Last week:
  • Finalized plan for IT email notification changes
    • Sent request to admin contacts soliciting changes to lists; very low response rate so far
  • Archive meeting
  • Prep for backup tests
This week:
  • Follow up on Ketiv, having had no response since denying RDP access to vault machine
    • Bookstore for competing licensing?
  • Refresh document on server room power upgrades ca. shutdown 2019.
  • Backup tests


Last Week
  • vacation
This Week
  • Support to Yang and Petr as needed
  • Continue Transition activities


Last Week
  • SHARK-NIR Marco discussions
  • GitHub discussion with Tim Jennes and Petr and getting familiar with the tool
  • Some work on the LUCI handover doc
  • Continuing on some of the OT AFC work but haven't advanced much.

This Week
  • Finish LUCI handover document
  • Should have a first shot/version of the OT AFC
  • Discuss Petr's git document with Petr.


Last week
  • Fixed a drawing bug that showed up during last Thursday's meeting (ME, IS) (DONE)
  • Add more info to the Step tool tips (DONE)
  • Perform a secondary optimization of a Synchronous offset with missing time (DONE)
  • Save files (Stub code working)
  • The whole Planner uses double precision timing now.

This Week
  • Continue "Tie Breaker" issue where both sides of a matched plan should be considered (Partial)
  • Continue to finish any remaining Planner details.
  • Wednesday, handover + documentation
  • End of week - Git migration?


Last Week (short week for me)
  • Reviewed our instrument interface document and INDI infrastructure notes in prep for a short discussion from Marco (SHARK-NIR). He only had a couple questions about alarms. Need to discuss with MB if we are going to create an INDI interface to EPICS.
  • First cut at the GCS updates to support onewire or the new OAC housekeeping are in.
  • git experimentation with branches, still learning how to keep commits separate.
  • Performance evaluation with MB.
  • Off Thursday and a couple hours on Tuesday.

This Week
  • Write up a simple (no risk) LBC filter wheel checkout via minicom.
  • Think about how to test GCS updates for OAC HK upgrade.
  • Write up OVMS kernel upgrade plan.
  • Support engineering tests of OAC HK upgrade.


  • management OC, WPC
  • SHARK-NIR Marco visit, focused meeting
  • Science archive, INAF visit, presentation
  • PE's
  • Ketiv activate upgrade
  • SSD followup
  • Jumbo frame kickoff
  • Job Ad
  • MODS/ARGOS/LUCI HO follow-up
  • Time accounting, smartsheet and API
  • SHARK-NIR follow up
  • MODS/ARGOS/LUCI HO follow-up
  • Jumbo frames follow up
  • Ketiv follow up
  • on leave Jul 1-22


  • IT7291 - GCS swapped FITS display, resulted in refactoring of the GCS GUI code (-52 lines total, but with a greater functionality)
  • meeting with Tim Jennesse, cleared issues in Git versioning
  • adjusted TCS GIT guide
  • GIT tech-talk (Thursday morning?)
  • TTL code (hopefully)


  • Continue work on ARGOS RPMs
  • Continue work on Docker/Kubernetes
  • Start work on desktop upgrade Wiki document.
  • Ship SOUL computer up the mountain for Xianyu
  • assist in Jonathan's USB fiber tests.
  • DNS configuration
  • new firewalls.


Last week:
  • Setup the power backplane lab setup
  • Pinged to crateBCU through power backplane box
  • Read basic crateBCU info by Matlab
  • SHARK-NIR AO discussion
  • Jumbo frame discussion
  • Checked and sent PBP memory map comments to MG
Next week:
  • Jumbo frames follow up
  • Continue the Powerback plane work


  • IT #7261 (memory problem):
    • Last week a high memory event occurred during the weekend. Collected some instrument data. Still looking for definite source of problem...
    • Also noticed that Python version 2.6 was used on all AO machines, which is kind of old (final release over 10 years ago).
  • Created a branch (yzhang_branch) in the AO SVN repository. Planning on working on this branch from now on and then periodically merge back into trunk if appropriate.
  • Need to gather info for software support role.
  • Meeting with Doug to discuss pointing model details.

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