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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-06-18

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Igor, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


News from management

  • xxx

Previous Action Items

  • revision control workflows [IS/PK] after SPIE

Open topics

Bring any topics you want for discussion at the meeting here. Use <topic>[<name>] formatting.

  • circulate SSD plan (Leroy and Chris in the loop) [MB]
  • git migration, next? [MB]

This week in github

Techtalk ideas

  • coding standards, indent tools, etc.

Team reports


Last week:
  • Vacation
  • ARGOS SVN to Git (MB)
  • Received TRAC tarball
This week:
  • Waiting for comments on Wiki and handover document from MPIA
  • Install Jenkins
  • Install/deploy ARGOS from Git


Last week:
  • IT wrangling
    • Made document laying out email distribution lists; waiting for input on list membership
      • If there is a desire to move immediately, I can make the IT lists mirror the current Google lists and switch over. This should eliminate most of the duplicates now.
    • Opened ticket with IT re: catching unassigned tickets, working with Matthieu on the ideal actions to take when such a ticket is found
    • Opened ticket with IT re: auto-adding note-makers to a ticket's email distribution.
      • It appears that our only option is cumbersome and has the potential for accidental misuse; we decided to shelve the option for now
This week:
  • Pending feedback, begin creating up-to-date email lists in IT and switching to them
  • Backup checks
  • Building 65 air handler shutdown on Saturday



This Week:
  • OT AO implementation
  • Finish LUCI handover document
  • Discuss source control strategies with Petr.

Last Week:
  • SPIE meeting
  • Meeting with Alexander to discuss:
    • LUCI software
    • LUCI git
    • LUCI handover document
    • Queue meeting among telescopes


Last week
  • Make sure that changes to Target on the OT are propagated to the Planner. (DONE)
  • Fix a drawing bug that showed up during Thursday's meeting (ME, IS) (need to test)
  • Add more info to the Step tool tips (Works on a technical level must check with ME for correct content to be called complete)
This Week
  • Fix "Tie Breaker" issue where both sides of a matched plan should be considered
  • Save files (at least stub this out)
  • Continue to finish any remaining Planner details.


Last Week
  • LBC hardware problems on both sides - dataprobe issue on red and filter wheel/portserver connectivity on blue. Skipped my vacation day and worked several hours of Wednesday and half of Thursday to help troubleshoot. A swap of the dataprobe on red eventually fixed that non-response, an ethernet cable fixed the portserver connectivity problems, and a loose power connection to the filter wheel fixed that issue.
  • MODS software handover discussion with Rick, Jerry, and Matthieu. They have provided their git usernames to Matthieu to begin creating repositories for the code.

This Week
  • Marco from the SHARK-NIR team in town, INDI discussions.
  • Write up a simple (no risk) LBC filter wheel checkout via minicom.
  • Work on GCS updates for OAC HK upgrade.
  • Support engineering tests of OAC HK upgrade.
  • Out on Thursday.




Last week:
  • SOUL computer work
  • AGW 3, AGW 1 assistance
  • LBC "networking" issues
  • Kubernetes/Docker clusters/configs
  • Jenkins
  • IP cleanup on and (moved shell, shell64 and cveillet shell).
  • looked at ARGOS Jenkins and ARGOS Docker.

This week:
  • hate on subversion all you want, a central repository has its benefits -- how do you deal with "git" shortcomings (checkout better, clone depth, etc.)?
  • glusterfs
  • Github web-hooks.
  • Kubernetes.

For others:
  • When do things become production (example Jenkins)?
  • LUCI hardware question to Igor (sent to Dave).
  • LUCI networking this summer?
  • LBC recabling for fun and profit.
  • Summer shutdown?


Last Week:
  • attended SPIE meeting and met people from Microgate, Arcetri, German, etc.
This Week:
  • Work on the power backplane


  • IT issue #7261 (memory problem):
    • Installed two monitors on "flao-dxwfs" (own script & program memleax, in the future will need to discuss work impacting programs on operation machines before deploying them).
    • Currently "WfsArbitrator" has slow leak (it seems < 1% total memory per day), which is most likely coming from Python C wrapper library. But at this rate, it is a low priority.
    • Waiting for the next "big jump" moment and hopefully the monitors will be able to catch some useful information.
  • Spend some time to get started on the procedures and useful information on regular software support task.
  • AO work:
    • SVN permission to check in?
    • Try to finish previous work on logging.
    • Overall coordination discussion to release something new.
  • Pointing models:
    • Going through documents and playing with Tpoint software.
    • Try to generate a list of issues and questions to discuss with Doug later.
    • Figure out how to install the latest Tpoint software on any LBTO machines.
    • Continue working on wiki pages on pointing model.
  • Finished performance evaluation.
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