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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-05-21

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Igor, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


News from management

  • xxx

Previous Action Items

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Open topics

Bring any topics you want for discussion at the meeting here. Use <topic>[<name>] formatting.

  • revision control workflow (discussion) [MB]
  • coding standards, indent tools (discussion) [MB]
  • ops-support oriented `single` wiki page (needs contributors) [MB]
  • circulate SSD plan (Leroy and Chris in the loop) [MB]
  • SH tech talk #3 [MB]
  • international travel 30days notice UA policy [MB]
  • Veeam HostCPUUsageAlarm update from David [MB]
  • git migration, next? [MB]

This week in github

This section will eventually be auto-generated based on new PR and Issues.

Team reports



Last week vacation

This week:
  • Locate source of VM host CPU issues
    • Suspect it's just a matter of refining the balance of VMs between the hosts
  • Work on IssueTrak multi-email problem
  • Storage tech talk prep


Last Week:
  • Vacation (Mon)
  • HR activity + admin actions
  • IT 7269 related work (IE/CA study & communication with John H. & Mark W.).
This week
  • Review of pointing project progress. Need to prep for training & transition to ?
  • Thoughts on magnitude of pointing error(s) and candidate causes to investigate (in priority order).


  • Trying to accomodate some of the suggestions Dave T. and Michelle put forward on the LUCI current view execution panel. Hopefully I should wrap this up this week.
  • Finishing touches to LUCI handover document



Last Week
  • Dan started testing the new OAC updates. He wants it to work a little differently than the onewire interface, so I updated it, but RPC doesn't like to return an error and still translate data for you, so it's a work in progress.
  • DDS crashed several times over the weekend in the INDI driver because of network hits - it probably runs out of memory, it seems to get a ridiculous sized traceback.
  • GCS had a crash in string manipulation of a result from asctime. Petr suggested to replace it with the threaded version of asctime.
  • Set up my TCS environment with git, checked in GCS config files for JHill

This Week
  • Support engineering tests of OAC HK upgrade.
  • Work on GCS updates for OAC HK upgrade.
  • Revisit MODS handover status with MB.


  • management OC, WPC
  • S/W handovers (MODS, ARGOS, LUCI) follow up with Mark, Kellee, Andrew, Igor, MPIA, Stephen
    • LUCI on git/github ... since 2012
  • PEs (read)
  • LBC Ethernet controller, pinged Fernando
  • PBP, LBTI post-run meetings
  • Ketiv/Vault, SSD - all wrapped up
  • Argos servers look around
  • complete safety training
  • trac2wiki conversion (proto) script for Argos, sent to AC
  • fits3d demo C snippet for AO, sent to XZ
  • TCS PR7 / IT7262 DDS died, review requested for PK, KS
  • some ideas about ITxxxx AO MsgDB, revisit this week
  • Soul server PO

  • continue PEs
  • handovers follow up
  • ETC with Mark and Al
  • responsibilities and assignments
  • AO data / Xianju doc follow up



  • Quotes for Dell support renewal (ARGOS), quotes for mountain ASA devices (purchase)?
  • DIMM upgrade quotes?
  • Tech talk -- network at the LBTO
  • Switch out docker on CentOS 7 with CoreOS Container Linux (bare metal)?
  • Work on DNS.


Late week:
  1. Implemented all shell safety in AdamhouseKeeper
  2. Wrote the test procedure for the SW for shell safety
  3. Found the answer for IT7123
  4. PBP, LBTI post-run meetings
  5. Help Yang\x92s simulator
  6. Helped ordering SOUL server
  7. Received the PBP hardware server
This week:
  1. Complete safety training
  2. Working on the just received PBP document
  3. Have a Skype call with Roberto about a small portion of old PBP document
  4. AO data structure documentation?


  • Continue to evaluate AO logging code and implications.
  • Continue Jenkins/RPM building process.
  • Working on IT issues #7260 (Msgd problems), and #7261 (Memory leak on WfsArbitrator process).
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