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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-05-14

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Igor, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr (Zoom?), Stephen, Xianyu, Yang


News from management

  • Mountain safety vs data network issue / David Carroll
  • Telescopework ... very wide list (inc. board members)

Previous Action Items

  • Veeam / SSD vm migration status and next steps (MB)
  • ARGOS handover: AO aspect (MB)


  • DIMM - summer shutdown maintenance
  • IT7252 - Software Configuration changes for exchanging AGW1 with AGw3 at LFBG
  • IT7262 - DDS died
  • SA request for RAM (/CPU)
  • Tech talk #3 ?
  • git migration readiness: ocs, etc.
  • S/W Handovers way forward?
  • LBC startech controller upgrade?

Team reports


Last week
  • Started migration of handover documentation from Trac to Wiki
  • Updated UML diagrams
This week
  • Continue migration
  • Add network config info to handover doc


Last week
  • Veeam restore testing, licence order
  • Jim webcam setup
  • Laura monitor install
This week:
  • Vacation




Last week
  • Met with Michelle Edwards for Planner Demo, using LBT-LUCI-SL-Library-12.7.xml for test cases
    • Single Preset with n model Synchronous Offsets is good
    • Need to clean up step text, tooltip text.
This week
  • Vacation!


Last Week
  • vacation

This Week
  • OAC issues for AGW1/3 swap
  • Support new OAC HK testing - is there any being done?
  • DDS crashes in INDI driver
  • Learn git for my TCS environment


  • management OC, WPC, SSD, Labor record keeping
  • review PE
  • OVMS+
  • Ketiv/Vault wrap up
  • 'activate' first migrations, discuss PLC/DSP with DC
  • Veeam / SSD vm migration status and next steps
  • web components polymer-v3

  • review PE
  • SSD wrap up
  • ETC with Mark and Al
  • responsibilities and assignments
  • S/W handovers (MODS, ARGOS, LUCI) follow up with Mark


  • 7218 & related (rewriting copointing checks to use mirror tip/tilt calculations), still will take some time
  • 7190 is most probably another instance of the TCS anomaly (TIM_WAIT sockets)
  • learned Vim "set syntax=cpp.doxygen"
  • learned a lot more about git
  • git-alizing source repositories (, adding .gitignore) - tcs, mcspu, pmc, gsfinder, irtc
Until Memorial Day (28th May): vacation, call +420 737 500 268 (WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype pkubanek) to reach me


Last week:
  • All VMs moved to SSD.

Last week into this week:
  • Network drops. drops.png

This week:
  • Keep trying to reduce zabbix nuisance alarms.
  • Continue BIND server.
  • Continue Build server.
  • Investigate vSphere Container support.


Late week:
  1. Wrote the fail recovery table for the powerbackplane
  2. Worked skip frame threshold for LBTI
  3. Implementing all shell safety in AdamhouseKeeper
  4. Made the AdSecArbitrator and AdamhouseKeeper work together on the shell safety
  5. Attended integrate OVMS+ to AdSec meeting
  6. Discussed the AdSec piston current changing
This week:
  1. Implementing all shell safety in AdamhouseKeeper
  2. Another Technical discussion with Roberto (MG)
  3. Workong IT7123


  • Fix the Jenkins build problem for the "mergelogs" tool.
  • Continue refactoring the AO logging code base, and test recompile the entire code.
  • Try to get hold of more AO logging outputs for further analysis.
  • Start to investigate issue track #7260 (Msgd component problems in AO code).

Action items

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

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