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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-04-30

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang

Previous Action Items

  • NetBrain (David - schedule demo) DONE
  • VM/SSD (David - followup meeting)

News from management

  • Labor Record Keeping
  • Staff announcement
  • Performance Evaluation


Team reports


Last week
  • Added "satellite closure in 20 seconds" sound alert for laser safety officer
  • Updated snapsot analyzer to take a snapshot every 2 minutes while loops are closed
This week
  • ITs #7234, #7239, #7240, #7241
  • Automatically propagate lasers after short (> 20s) satellite closures



Last Week:
  • Pointing (continued) - IE/CA analysis; not much forward progress
This week:
  • Return to encoders and thoughts on E-time test cases to narrow causes



Last week
  • Brief meeting with ME, IS, regarding Planner usage
    • Planner is to use single Synchronous Preset
  • Meet with ME, agree that the "three use case" powerpoint is a not a software requirements specification
  • Begin writing specification + status sheet
  • Meet with PK - Alt/Az offsets?
This week
  • OT release scripts?
  • Finish documentation
    • To include data structure definition for output files (.xml data structure TBD)
  • Mask testing + integration into trunk


Last week
  • Found DIMM NDA email chains
  • OAC HK upgrade
    • updated Mike's document for OAC updates (including client programs, telemetry and alarms)
    • added alarming for off when not requested, and when cannot connect to 8051
    • made a poweronly option for getdata

This week
  • GCS patch for logging issue
  • OAC HK upgrade:
    • handle errors from EPICS writes
    • support Mike's testing
    • work on new UMAC telemetry


  • management OC, WPC
  • Install gitlab on dev machine for evaluation
  • support calendars: smartsheet vs google calendars
  • VCan 'kick off' meeting
  • PBP upgrade technical meeting (R. Biasi, XZ)
  • Netbrain demo with DE
  • Loggin, packaging YZ
  • study TCS anomaly document
  • repos browsing

  • Labor record keeping
  • monthly report
  • SSD
  • review Luci handover document send by A. Pramsky
  • VCan
  • discuss ETC with Mark and Al
  • 'activate' first migrations
  • repo browsing, tcsweb, tools, etc.
  • responsibilities and assignments draft


  • learned a lot about bash, .. (exec 100<> command,..) -> see tcs/pcs/test/common/pcstestfunc
  • colored test suite for PCS (echo -e "\e[32mGreen\e[0m")
  • started PCS, MCS, MCSPU WikiWords
  • find there are still a lot of problems in TCS/PCS handling of co-pointing issues, working on improvements (IT7218, but not all the problems are in IT)


  • git to host config files for machines (mount tools, and support scripts).
  • OVA to LN.
  • collection of exec stats on obs computers.


Late week:
  • Technical discussion with Roberto (MG) and Guido
  • Meeting
  • Wrote code for fixing IT7213, ready to test
  • AdSec skip frame percentage track
  • Worked with the MOXA issues, and ordered a MOXA for \x93lab\x94 test
This week:
  • Test the MOXA with simulator
  • Test the IT7213 fix on the telescope
  • Test the IT7240 fix
  • Continue working on the power backplane
  • Another Technical discussion with Roberto (MG) and Guido?


  • Last week explored a threaded and sorted logging implementation with the "spdlog" library.
  • Following efforts will focus on creating a multiprocess backend for logging. To be studied items include Ice/Zeromq/Syslog.
  • Planning on understanding the current AO logging outputs more clearly (e.g., what current log files are produced and their role and purposes). Also produce a wiki page when more information is gathered.
  • With the "mergelogs" tool able to be compiled normally (with default system installed dependency), develop its RPM package spec and followup with a Jenkins integration. Also move the "mergelogs" source codes to Github (in the swg-tools repository).

Action items

  • xxx
  • xxx
  • xxx

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