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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-04-09

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Igor, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu, Yang

Previous Action Items

  • NetBrain (David - schedule demo)
  • VM/SSD (David - followup meeting)
  • techtalk#1 (Matthieu)


Team reports


Last week:
  • Added new buttons to open arbitrator/status/log ARGOS GUIs
  • Removed obsolete code from AAS
  • Rebuilt ARGOS software to test change to autoconf
  • Handover - build and run exercises
This week:
  • Prep for ARGOS run (review open ITs, in particular #7131)
  • Handover - network architecture, ITs


  • Upcoming:
    • Install Veeam for VM backup testing
    • Continue working on IssueTrak issue type reordering
    • Safety issue type structure reorganization


Last Week:
  • Review of shutdown start/stop procedures & meeting support
  • E-Time pointing post mortem (continued) & ARGOS old pointing file issue
  • Dygraph & D3 quicklook - timeseries data
This week:
  • INDI architecture documentation (Wiki) review - done
  • GCS / PCS acquisition handshake logging review
  • ARGOS pointing review (backtest & prep for run)


  • The week turned into mostly PIT work for the Italian partner. They require a new table in the PDF and new yearly target availabiity. This is to be done in the general PIT so a per partner logic is require.
  • Work on creating a summary display row for the LUCI schedule is still ongoing.


Last week

  • Scripting UI layouts should be working. Other issues not addressed.
  • Planner Config issues I need to fix

This week

  • Fix the sequence table?
    • Do nested offsets make sense? (Olga said she thinks yes, that being able to move a star pattern to different MODS quadrants for instance is useful)
    • Now that Petr has fixed the TCS copointing, can we restore relative offsets? (Sufficient information could be encoded to support script reentrancy)
  • Config issue from last week is now understood, need to implement fixes.


Last week
  • Research into limit in LBC for filter selections. Tested OBs generated by Igor.
  • Looked into why LBC HK didn't come up for Elliott over the weekend on a restart.
  • Meeting with MB to discuss big GUIs and summer shutdown.
  • Checked in and tagged last LBC release (Feb) and OVMS latest real-time update (Mar); updated release notes.
    Then reverted the OVMS+ update we put in last weekend.
  • Took the thresholds out of the "getdata" and made a separate client for "getthresholds" in the new OAC version. Started alarm processing.

This week
  • OAC HK upgrade - alarming work.


  • management OC, WPC, SSD plan, iLocater
  • meeting Argos, Logging, telescope home, TCS configs, rcs/backup
  • techtalk#1 git//ci/rpm/kickstart
  • IT7175 Power failure follow-up meeting
  • LN / docker


  • git migration
  • tcs config git repo with history
  • INDI
  • responsibilities and assignments draft
  • iLocater follow-up


  • 6748 - NS jumps, hopefully solved (removed unlocking/locking in ephemerids updates)
  • telemetry-graph tool - updates
  • This week:
    • ARGOS support for SaS fix (allowed to fire while MCSPU was used to move the mount)
    • confirm NS jump solution (PSF/M1 possible issues)
    • finally time to limits (IT 3949)


  • developer desktop strategy
  • scriptor
  • RPM builds, where are we?
    • mirror and scry into RPM.
    • completion of system RPMs.
  • archive -- changes to zabbix monitoring.
  • two new VMs
  • further cleanup of accounts -- mountain vpn, mountain AD, review


Last week:
  • Change elevation updates rate for TT LUT
  • Swing arm status requirements discussion
  • Document power backplane error actions with Guido
  • Built the SW structure for power backplane
  • Give log file requirement and simulator info to Yang
  • Changed the AdSec Arbitrator GUI for the power backplane
This week:

Continue working the power backplane SW


  • Get a new development VM for testing and development purposes. Also clone an AO VM for reference.
  • Possible AO VM software upgrade? (e.g., at least use GCC 4.8 for most C++11 features)
  • Try to build the AOSupervisor code (without the IDL part) on the new dev VM and document problems encountered so that they could be fixed.
  • Once the SVN repository has been moved to Github, then have a look at the "tools" part and document build problems as well.
  • Continue to investigate logging needs for the AO code, including logging implementation and possible logging analysis tools.

Action items

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