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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-03-12

Attendees: Andrew, Doug, Igor, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Yang



Team reports


  • ARGOS Arbitrator GUI enhancements
    • Removed "Acquire Automatically" from LGS Acquisition tab
    • Removed "Re-launch " in the main tab
    • Removed "Align lasers with patrol camera" in LGS Acquisition tab
    • Disabled "Pyramid board offset" on the AO loop tab when the light source is set to "Laser Guide Stars"
    • Removed subvert option option on the Commissioning tab
  • ARGOS Binocular Status GUI
    • Changed LED widgets for loop status to label widgets
    • Left-justified device status and loop status label widgets
  • ARGOS Handover
    • Created a template based on previous handovers with the addition of sections for hardware compenents (WFS, lasers, pocket cells, etc.)
  • TODO
    • Add a button for the spiral search algorithm to the LGS Acquisition tab of the arbitrator
    • Sharpen function



  • Office setup
  • Synology recovery discussions
  • ARGOS post-run meeting support & follow-up
  • Archive meeting support
  • Management Transition support
  • Pointing analyis (SX)
  • meridian jumping (Keck experience review) - not likely related to our LBTO issue.


  • Finishing off some PIT left out work. In particular this work is about formatting the output PDF. It\x92s XSLT plus using a new saxon9.jar library that supports XSLT 2.0. The tricky part here was to get the PIT/OT bundles to see the classes in the saxon9.jar library, which is not a straight thing in OSGi \x85 a reminder that there are no free lunches wink
  • Fixed #7022, rendering issues of LUCI \x93set\x94 buttons in RTD display.
  • Started looking at #7122 & #7127; LUCI issues with MASK/MOS configurations.
  • Rest of today (?) and definitely Wednesday of this week and all next week will be looking at ways to binocularize the PIT, that doesn\x92t result in a maintenance nightmare. In particular looking to having one blueprint class for all instrument types and a plain XML as the configuration agent.


Last week:
  • The mounted home directory issue has been resolved
  • SH provided a new desktop PC
    • Local /home/jastier instead of mounted volume
    • CentOS 7
    • Installed java, scala, sbt, etc. to build OT on new machine. I'm back in business.
  • Planner
    • Added step sequences to the presets, visibility is toggle controlled
    • User is now in full control of sequencing
This week:
  • Report software responsibilities to MB
  • Planner
    • Get copoint tests running to a first order
    • Watch wiki with shared copoint code from TCS


  • Set up new remote office
  • Got new OAC version startAGW, stopAGW working and power status provided in getstatus command
  • Started looking at command line way to reboot LBC iBootBars (previously DataProbe)
  • Cleaned up mountain telemetry disks - deleted 2017
  • End-of-month cleanup - AllSky data to Tucson, telemetry visualization
  • Research into IT5347 to put into ALH, but we decided it needs more ECS work first
  • Revised MODS handover doc, released to Mark, Olga, MB
  • walkthrough most of the software I'm responsible for with MB

This week:
  • add setalarm for thresholds to new OAC
  • command line program for rebooting LBC iBBs


  • attend
    • ARGOS: post-run, broken MASS
    • Science Archive: revamped web portal, authentication changes
    • AO: microgate power backplane upgrade, built-in safety I/O, s/w impact, FAT 2nd week of May (Xianyu+Guido)
  • follow-ups
    • handover MODS (Kellee, sent), ARGOS (Andrew, wip)
    • LBC detector controller upgrades (Kellee, sent)
    • Synology (David, wip)
  • meet Doug, Joe, Kellee, Petr, ACardwel, SOUL team
  • IssueTrack automation (selenium wip), support query for API
  • digging up old epics rpms
  • migrate weekly reports from twiki to github wiki
  • swg staff responsiblities list
  • SOUL AT ?


  • I fixed 7081 (NS target - sidereal guiding). Code is in SVN (trunk + 2018A), patch is on telescope (of course that was one missing if condition). There are some lessons (feel free to ask for details):
    • you can put arbitrary target position and guide star (GS) position, even GS on other side of the pole - that's good for testing (error is reported by IIF and does not propagates to GCS and PCS, where you would expect it; IIF has associated sound event with this, so for sure operators will notice).
    • I learned GDB debugging techniques I know existed but I never used them before - gdb scripting, watches, ..
    • Changing logs important for your work to log onto cerr/cout and run process on foreground (net start XYZ on local) is great idea
    • SLALIB/TCSPK/TPK nomenclature is short but well organized (vtxy_c means Virtual Telescope Cartesian target to XY, slaDcc2s stands for convert double precision Cartesian point to spherical ..)



  • Dig the telemetry to look for the cause of rip shell during LBTI run
  • Document the adsec fast diagnostics process
  • Document the adsec housekeeper diagnostics process
  • Comments on SOUL AT review
  • Power back plane meeting
  • Work on the Adsec flat apply issue
  • Work on IT: 7142,7139,7137
  • Follow the SOUL project, chat with SOUL people

Action items

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