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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-03-05

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Igor, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu


  • Weekly schedules [Telescope/Schedule/Support]
  • IssueTrack [SW&IT last week]
    • #7130
    • #7124
    • #7122
    • #6299 FACSUM / AO RIP logic - Xianyu issue with Argos
    • #7081 Non-sidereal WIP Petr
    • TCS offset with Argos and NaN - edge (AOS) needs to be protected (not core TCS)
  • Team calendar


Team reports


  • Supported ARGOS run
    • "LM1 and patrol camera" is now the default selection on the LGS Acquisition tab on the arbitrator
    • Added airmass radius to JSkyCalc
    • Implemented sprial search algorithm for LAN alignment
    • Received MASS software
    • Added event/alarm sounds for open/closed loops
    • Determined the root cause of SA/AA issue software is insufficient bandwidth. See TODO #2.
  • TODO / in-progress
    • General simplication of Arbitrator GUI
    • Add another ethernet card
    • TT button to set gain to 1, low and high gain to 1
    • "Move Pyramid board" offset from AO loop to a deeper engineering GUI layer
    • Add "sharpen" function
    • Save nominal LAT positions and create a lookup table
    • Move "subvert" option from "Commissioning" tab to "Expert" tab
  • Completed laser safety training


  • Problems
    • ksummers-dev "consolidation" issue within VMWare
      • Backed up VM
      • Ran consolidation process
      • Successful, but wouldn't start
      • Removed and re-added VM to inventory, looking good
    • Synology NFS performance problems
      • Restarted NFS server
      • Minimal impact
      • Early reports are that performance is greatly improved
      • Later conclusion was that it was due to RS1 failing
    • Synology support ticket
    • Opened UA firewall for remote access to unit
      • All ports re-closed as of Friday
    • After much fighting back and forth, I have secured a replacement unit which should arrive on Tuesday.



PIT 2018B release:
  • Merge Italian PIT with current pit
  • Removing G040 AO and 0.13" slit options
  • Removing Spectroscopy from Diffraction Limited option for LUCI2
  • Add extra keywords
  • Add two digit precision to time in pdf
  • Add/Fix error/warning/info messages
  • Add proposal conversion for versions previous to 2018B
  • Send acknowledgment emails to submitters.
Still ongoin work:

  • Sorting by target PDF proposal
  • Reset of fields if partner switches from INAF to something else
  • Implement binocular in PIT
  • Looking at IT #7122


I will miss this meeting (family medical leave)

Last week:
  • Software Support for KS until the end of February (completed)
    • Only issue I fielded was the VxWorks Crate configuration for SX PMC
  • IT6954 "Curved slits not drawing on TPE". (completed)
    • There are three slit shapes found in .lms, .mms files (CURVED, STRAIGHT, CIRCULAR)
    • The OT had been drawing only straight slits.
    • All three shapes are now supported for both file types.
  • Planner Development (ongoing)
    • Added a Synchronous Preset Header element on the Timeline
      • Shows Observations in Preset
      • Visibility is toggle-controlled
  • VxWorks configuration (completed by PK, MG, SH)
    • DIP switches set for LBT operational use.
    • Card comes out of the crate a lot easier than it goes back in. (Evidently this is well known.)
    • Card already set for SX PMC
    • New IP address? (SH question)
    • Crate still in lab, per MG there is no rush to get it back uphill. Time frame = summertime
    • I would like to play with it some more.
  • Serious issues with my mounted home directories
    • Symptoms were the machine locking up completely for 5-10 seconds at a time
    • Lockup frequency once or twice per hour, increased to every few minutes near end of day Thursday 3/1
    • Morning of Friday 3/2 things were working perfectly again.
    • Reported issues to DE throughout the week, he is working the issue.

Priorities for this week(3/5 - 3/9):
  1. Start on IT7074 "ARGOS-GS Valid Modes"
  2. Continue work with the Planner.
  3. Upgrate OS to CentOS 7 (with SH)



  • github educational unlimited users/repos (tip from PK)
  • IT discussions (synology, storage, backup, vm, obs machines)
  • Migrating laptop, office
  • starting issuetrack automation
  • LBC/MODS induction, Olga user experience
  • AO discussions with Xianyu, Julian
  • Look into vxworks spare config with Joe
  • Yang Zhang starting next week
  • Quick reminders
    • team calendar timely update
    • time off must be approved


  • off for LSST SW review Mon/Tue - a lot learned
    • plans to use MySql for EFD (Engineering and Facility Database), which hits a lot of objections
    • team seems a bit disorganized, with everybody assuming something critical and difficult is somebody else job
    • discuss a lot on seismic safety, forgot about human safety
    • miss PLC/SW separation (assuming PLC is vendors, but no plans how to take that over (if at all) and how to maintain/debug it)
    • has some testing, but miss project wide unit testing
    • I will try to get clearance to post final report after it is ready; there is a lot to learn on them (I wonder if we shall not try to organize something similar for LBT software; yes there are in development, we are operation, but still we can learn a lot from panel of other experts trying to understand our work)
  • #7081
    • problem is that TCSPK/TPK libraries calculates same trajectory for GS as for NS target; I don't just know how that happens, as all inputs to TCSPK/TPK routines seems to be correct
    • spend 2+ days on it
  • VxWorks for SX PMC
    • see Joe's comments above



Action items

  • xxx
  • xxx

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