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SW&IT Meeting Minutes 2018-02-26

Attendees: Andrew, David, Doug, Igor, Joe, Kellee, Matthieu, Petr, Stephen, Xianyu


Team reports



  • Problems
    • Synology Volume 4 issues
      • Contains both backups and VMWare storage
      • Opened ticket to address odd crashing behavior
    • Synology backup wrangling
      • Changed backup volume to v5
        • Successful
      • Deleted old backups in favor of fresh setup.
        • It's not possible to simply modify an existing task to relocate it; must create new task
      • All backup tasks moved to v5
    • Mountain trip
      • Assess state of CoreA
      • Hardware looks like it avoided serious damage. Will monitor.
  • Regular
    • Meeting with David Carrol regarding Safety IT subtypes. More work to be done when he is in the office this week (?)
      • Added a new distribution list, it-safety
    • MS Project Pro for Laura




  • Wrapped up mask slit development work, I need to test it.
    • This is part of IT6954 "Curved slits not drawing on TPE".
    • All slit types (curved, straight, circular) now supported. r2678
    • AC provided test data
  • Close out of IT6928 "LBC tech chip overlays inaccurate", r2679
    • Functional elements went out with 2018A release, this was housekeeping.
  • Demonstrated the Binocular Planner for DS - it's right where we left it at the end of 2016.
    • Need copoint math check for sequencing.
      • DS to provide test cases
    • I should check the acquisition step overheads.
  • I noticed some of the TPE View properties appeared broken
    • Swapped the existing model for a base class with a single property list. Fixed. r2682
  • Met with PK regarding UCAC5 use of 2015 Epoch, no issues with OT.
  • With MB, MG, began configuration change of VxWorks crate in the downtown electronics lab.
    • MB noticed that the crate is running kernel6100, recommended we await return of PK (who last worked on this crate) before continuing.
    • SH advised us of Tucson and Mountain network design

  • Priorities for this week (2/26 - 3/2):
    1. Continue Planner development (copoint + pointing origin)
    2. Finish IT6954 (testing and peer review)
    3. Finish VxWorks crate configuration (hold until PK returns Wed)
    4. Observatory software support until the end of the month.



  • calendar
    • SW&IT Team Calendar
    • Off/Away
  • git / github
    • LBTO organization
    • private repos (5 seats for now)
    • sign-up + send registered username and email
    • lbto-swg
  • cell 520-461-6172


  • IT 7106 UCAC5 epoch x equinox
    • analyze, resolve, close, check with Vizer
    • we shall look into how epoch is propagated, including instrument software
  • IT 7081 NS tracking, S guiding
    • works in 2016A, not in 2017A and 2018A
    • still multiple sources (AO self reference code,..)
  • Lowell interested in code for their telescope
    • wrote basic of yet another CCD driver
  • preparing for LSST review
    • reading doc, does not (yet?) found anything about safety, distribution between PCs and PLCs,..



Action items

  • xxx
  • xxx

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