Laser Safety for the TMS at LBTO

Hello Everyone (and I cc'ed everyone at LBTO), Thank you, Heejoo, for clarifying on the 2 lasers (infrared and visible red) that comprise the TMS system and for providing the laser data sheets. Thanks LeRoy for bringing this up in the 3:30 DPM. I have attempted to summarize below.

TMS Infrared Laser (used for everyday TMS system use): The (invisible) infrared laser is class 1 and thus safe to view under all conditions, including naked eye and with magnification (microscope or telescope).

TMS Visible Red Laser (used for ALIGNMENT only): The red visible laser is class 2M, which is considered safe for viewing for the naked eye without magnification (no viewing through an optical microscope or telescope), as long as the viewer does not stare into the light source. Class 2M is for visible light (in this case red), and the 2M rating is deemed safe under the assumption that if someone accidentally looks into the laser source, they would blink and look away ("the aversion (blink) reflex") in ~0.25 seconds. This is similar to laser pointers.

With this said, please do not stare into the red alignment laser source (or any laser light), and if it catches your eye, look away.

PS we will be aiming to add a laser inventory to the forthcoming "Laser Safety" chapter of our LBTO Health, Safety and Environmental Manual with the intention of making it easy to access laser inventories and data sheets and laser hazard class information as detailed by ANSI Z136.

Regards, David

TMS laser safety.PNG

-- HeejoChoi - 12 Oct 2020
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