LUCI NonSidereal Scripts

Tom Sargent

Dec. 7, 2017

LUCI nonsidereal presets have been changed to support all the nonsidereal capabilities of the TCS, including the new "MdLP" on-axis feature of AO. (All the tags described below go in the first obs. Item in the script \x96 the one that does the preset.)

If Science target is nonsidereal

For a nonsidereal target, the <mount></mount> tag must be changed. It has acquired a new attribute called \x93type\x94.

<mount objectName="lutetia" ra="193.25" dec="+44.6166666667" epoch="2000.0" raPropMotion="0.0" decPropMotion="0.0" type="FILE">

The string stored in \x91type\x92 for the <mount> tag can be \x93SIDEREAL\x94 (which is the default, if you leave type out), \x93FILE\x94 or \x93DIFFERENTIAL\x94.
  • \x93SIDEREAL\x94 means it is a normal sidereal object.
  • \x93FILE\x94 means it is a nonsidereal object described by an ephemeris file which was obtained using the NSI GUI and which is stored in /lbt/ephemeris/.
  • \x93DIFFERENTIAL\x94 means it is a nonsidereal object whose motion is described by a base RA and Dec and a base Time, and differential RA and Dec rates.
If the type is not \x93SIDEREAL\x94 then the <mount> tag must also have a <nonSidereal> tag within it. If the type were \x93FILE\x94 then that <nonSidereal> tag would look something like this:




Where Lutetia_2017_Dec_07.txt is the ephemeris file name which was obtained with NSIGUI.

If type were \x93DIFFERENTIAL\x94, the <nonSidereal> tag would be something like this:








The rateDrifts are in units of arcseconds per hour.

If the Guide object is nonsidereal

In this case do exactly the same things described above, but put it in the <guideStars> tag instead of the <mount> tag.

If the AO reference object is the science target

If the science object is going to be used as the AO reference object, then describe the nonsidereal <mount> tag as described above. In this case there probably is no list of guide stars (=track mode). You have to list the <aostars> as usual, but it has to have \x91type\x92 set equal to \x93TARGET\x94. In this case, no other attributes of the <aostars> tag (like the object position and magnitude) matter. I would specify them, to be safe, but they can all be zeroes. They are ignored. So the <aostars> could look like this:


<aoStar objectName="N1346-0242708" ra="193.29474" dec="44.60234" epoch="2000.0" mag="16.79" raPropMotion="0.0" decPropMotion="0.0" type="TARGET" />


In this case, the telescope service ignores everything except the \x91type\x92 attribute.

-- %USERSIG{IgorSola - 2017-12-20}%



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