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This is a generic page that should give you some insight about the LUCI instrument.

Please remember that, at least as LUCI is concerned, when in doubt, it is better not to do than to do , as the consequences can be desastrous.

If it doubt please contact:
  • The instrument scientist:
or Also there is an observers troubleshooting page at

The LUCI production environment

The LUCI instrumentation software runs in Also some of the GUIs run in the obs# and rmt507-# machines, see TBD for more info.

To access the machine directly either do it via ssh or X2GO

When using X2GO to access the production environment as user "lucifer", make sure the X2GO is set with "custom" desktop "MATE"

Run the LUCI software


Running GEIRS

(Typically this is done by the instrument scientist or observing scientist or operator)

su as readout1 and readout2 in the simulation environment

su - readout1

su - readout2



for readout1


for readout2


Note: if the software complaints about it already running then clean it up by running:


in both accounts then run the start scripts as indicated above.

Edit Telescope Service config file: "TelescopeIceClient.config"

See wiki page about LUCI TelescopeService reconnection

as user lucifer edit file ~/lcsp/config/TelescopeIceClient.config

make sure there is only one line not commented out:


Factory.Proxy=Factory:tcp -p 10000 -h


Factory.Proxy=Factory:tcp -p 10000 -h


if the Telescope Service is already running see below and you change the above parameter, click the "Reconnect to IIF" button on the bottom left side of the Telescope Service GUI.

Start the LUCI software

as user lucifer:

cd lcsp


This will bring a GUI, the LUCI Management Console (LMC) with all the services listed. If the services are down, each listed service will have a red dot next to it. If it is running the dot will be green.

If the software is not running click on the "system status:" "start" button at the top, this will start all systems. The GUI will brieftly dissapear, then a splash window with startup status will appear, after the software is up the original gui will appear now, hopefully in green.

  • LMC: Make sure there is no other LMC software running in the when attempting to shutdown or restart a service. A running LMC will attemp to restart a down service leading to duplicate processes and this could be very messy.
    • To make sure no other LMC is running in the luci.luci machine run:
      • ps -ef | grep -E "java.*-jar lcsp.jar\s+start.xml"
and if running should get one or more hits like this one:

lucifer 25569 25568 20 17:43 pts/4 00:00:09 java -Dsun.java2d.xrender=false -XX:+UseG1GC -Xmx512m -Xms128m -XX:MaxGCPauseMillis=500 -XX:ParallelGCThreads=8 -XX:ConcGCThreads=2 -jar lcsp.jar start.xml
  • Duplicate Processes: Ususally duplicate process can arise because of this issue. The symptoms are difficult to differentiate from other issues: process missbehaving, connection issues, etc. Because of that there is a script you can run that will tell you if there are dup processes. The script is in /home/lucifer/lcsp/dupcheck
a GOOD output will look like

duplicate name ='L2_RMID'

duplicate name ='L1_RMID'

duplicate name ='SYS_RMID'

unique names =['L1_COMP', 'L2_COMP', 'SYS_RMID', 'L2_RMID', 'L1_RMID', 'SYS_CONF', 'SYS_TIME', 'SYS_MESS', 'SYS_JOUR', 'LBT_DATA', 'LBT_TELE', 'L1_PORT', 'L1_CARM', 'L2_CELE', 'L2_CARM', 'L1_CELE', 'L2_PORT', 'L1_CALL', 'L2_CALL', 'L2_PRES', 'L1_TEMC', 'L2_TEMM', 'L1_RACK', 'L2_TEMC', 'L1_TEMM', 'L2_MCUL', 'L1_MCUL', 'L2_MCUM', 'L1_PRES', 'L1_SWIT', 'L2_SWIT', 'L1_MCUM', 'L2_RACK', 'L1_HIRA', 'L2_HIRA', 'L2_FIL2', 'L1_FIL2', 'L1_PUPI', 'L2_CAME', 'L2_CALU', 'L1_GRAT', 'L1_FIL1', 'L2_GRAT', 'L1_MOSU', 'L2_MOSU', 'L2_PUPI', 'L1_CAME', 'L1_GEIR', 'L2_GEIR', 'L1_CALU', 'L2_FIL1', 'L2_DETE', 'L1_DETE', 'L2_READ', 'L1_READ', 'LBT_TELM', 'L2_INST', 'L1_INST', 'SYS_SCHE']

Steps to follow before you shutdown the software:

TBD (make sure there are no masks in Turnout!!!!)

Initialize the instruments:
  • Click on the "system" tab in the LUCI Management Console
  • Select the "Scheduler GUI" entry. (last row) and right click, then select "start Scheduler GUI"
  • In the Scheduler GUI click on the "LUCI 1" and "LUCI 2" buttons, the instrument GUIs will open
  • In the instrument GUIs click the top bar, which says: "Initialize" then select "ALL_UNITS". This is enough to initialize the instrument. No need to click on the "Submit" button.
  • The "supervisor" service is not running, ever.
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