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The main function of the system is to intercept event messages from other subsystems, write them to the event file and produce an audible warning if one is required.

The LSS subsystem is responsible for receiving TCS Events from all subsystems and writing them to a log file. In addition, it can play sound files associated with an Event. Subsystems and GUIs can 'register' to have certain Events sent to them. The selection criteria include the Event name (with wildcards) and Event priority.

It can also dump the current content of the shared memory into a file. The file location is recorded in the event log, and the file can be examined with DDBrowser (File|Load dump menu entry). The dump can be used to save vital TCS data for later troubleshooting and debugging of an issue which seems to require subsystem restart.


A request to play a sound file for an event is encoded in the event description. End the description with the string , Sound=name.wav. The LSS will look up name.wav in the sound subdirectory of the subsystem issuing the event, and if the file is found it will be queued to the player. Note the string Sound= must be present exactly as shown: a capital S and no space between the d and =. Each subsystem has a sound subdirectory: /lbt/tcs/current/iif/sound/. The sound file must exist at the time the event is processed.

We have software on the software group windows laptop to generate spoken sounds. The program is called Natural Reader 14, and was originally developed by AT&T for recorded messages in the phone system. We use the voice Crystal16. You can change speed and change the spelling to adjust pronunciation. (Note we do not have the conversation control feature.) To create a wav file choose the "To MP3" button, and then choose wav as the audio type.


Push to dump current memory
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