LBC Rehost to Windows 7 and CentOS on New Machines

As of Feb-2014, this is cancelled in favor of the Sky Tech Ethernet solution for the CCD controller which will not require Windows machines at all.

We are scheduled to rehost the LBC software to new operating systems in 2013. We have procured one machine and it is currently configured as a Windows7 machine. is the Windows 7 PC here in Tucson.
log in via freerdp with lbc username (same password as CMU)

Andrea's suggestion was to rehost the Windows PCs only since it does not involve any other drivers but the CCD controller and that is known to work with any Windows version. The CMU rehost has been on the project list for a couple of years - need to get to a sustainable OS version, from Red Hat 9.

Andrea's documentation

Three sub-tasks:
  1. Hardware investigation -- Determine if the current hardware solution is sufficient.
  2. Rehost four Windows computers from Windows 2003 Server to Windows 7
    Swap out the blue and red, science and tech computers with new Windows 7 machines.
  3. Rehost the CMU from Red Hat 9 to CentOS

The main hangup to the Windows rehost is the PCI fiber card - we don't know that it will physically fit in the new machine. We do not want to open up one of the LBC Windows machines and pull out the existing PCI fiber card. We have a spare fiber card, but it is in Italy for repair. Robert has ordered a new spare fiber card. Both cards should be here any day. When the card(s) arrive we need to see if it fits in the chassis.

Dependencies: LBC availability (checking with Fernando and JamesR), moratorium on purchasing 28-May through 10-June.

LBCSoftwareRehostChecklist - step-by-step plan with deadlines specified


Windows Machines

LBC Windows Machine Configuration

Need to configure the new machine with Windows 7

The details listed here: http://lbccontrol/software/wininst.shtml for the other items need to all be done. Kellee can do some of them, Doug can do others.
we'll need to update this page with the details for doing this with Windows 7

This includes:
  • RAID installation and configuration
  • create D: partition
  • automatic logon
  • disabling auto updates, DHCP, wireless, etc.
  • install oncrpc.exe
  • change video refresh rate? maybe not in Windows 7
  • add to path variable
  • .....

See IT 4302 for issues about time sync'ing - we had a problem with a policy setting on the blue machines at one point. If it doesn't seem to be sync'ing the time correctly, try these notes.

Do these notes also cover how to set the auto power-on? BIOS? If these notes don't currently cover it, update the pages to detail the procedure.
is this on for the current spares? need to check and if not, update the procedure for swapping to do that (602s110)

LBC Software on the Windows Machine

I have the source for lbciaRun and I can build it with IDL 7.0.

package notes
downloaded 3.30 windows PC precompiled binary DLL (built with Visual Studio 2010 on Windows 7)

Here's update.bat

@echo off
del /Y d:\*.*

copy Z:\sleep.exe

copy Z:\sync.exe

copy Z:\unzip.exe

del /F
rmdir /S /Q C:\lbc
copy Z:\
unzip -o
del /F

copy c:\lbc\driver\PCI_S300Drv.sys C:\windows\system32\drivers
del C:\windows\system32\CTR_PROCEDURES.dll

del /F
rmdir /S /Q C:\lbcfpia
copy Z:\
unzip -o
del /F

copy Z:\sex.exe D: copy Z:\cfitsio.dll D: copy Z:\track_first.exe D: copy Z:\track_next.exe D: copy Z:\trimatch.exe D: copy Z:\trackparam.exe D: copy Z:\apply_match.exe D: copy Z:\project_coord.exe D: copy Z:\cygblas.dll D: copy Z:\cyglapack.dll D: copy Z:\cygwin1.dll D: copy Z:\guide_unknown.gif D: copy Z:\track_debug.exe D: copy Z:\lbciarun.exe D: copy Z:\*.sav D: copy Z:\fits2gif.bat D: 

There are a couple problems with the current version:
  • @echo off needs the @ sign deleted (or is it supposed to be a comment??)
    this is also a problem in go.bat
  • not deleting all of d: drive since it has an invalid option specified /Y
  • copy Z:\track_debug.exe D:\ there's no track_debug.exe in /images


The CMU is a dual-boot machine. The profibus driver has to be configured when the CMU is booted under windows.

I can build and release everything that runs on the CMU - except the profibus library

Do we have everything in Andrea's notes that needs to be installed? I don't know
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