LBC Windows Machine Configuration

Need to configure the new machine with Windows 7

The details listed here: http://lbccontrol/software/wininst.shtml for the other items need to all be done. Kellee can do some of them, Doug can do others.
we'll need to update this page with the details for doing this with Windows 7

This includes:
  • RAID installation and configuration
  • create D: partition
  • automatic logon
  • disabling auto updates, DHCP, wireless, etc.
  • install oncrpc.exe
  • change video refresh rate? maybe not in Windows 7
  • add to path variable
  • .....

See IT 4302 for issues about time sync'ing - we had a problem with a policy setting on the blue machines at one point. If it doesn't seem to be sync'ing the time correctly, try these notes.

Do these notes also cover how to set the auto power-on? BIOS? If these notes don't currently cover it, update the pages to detail the procedure.
is this on for the current spares? need to check and if not, update the procedure for swapping to do that (602s110)
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