LBC Full-up Software Checkout

Engineering-level testing during startup after summer shutdown, host machine replacement, etc.
See also: Test Programs for more notes on the standalone test programs available on the CMU.


check filter positions
  1. run testfilters and select filter position - look at where it stops
  2. modify xxxchannel.conf if necessary for correct filter position
  3. with testfilters still running and initialized, reload the config file and select filter again

check balance of filter wheels (2 wheels in each side)
  1. run testfilters and select the option for balance
  2. move the file balancetest.csv to red/blue/horizon/zenith and analyze the results

run minicom for filters (filter wheel serial devices work with upper or lowercase):
  1. power up portserver and filter wheels (see if you are unfamiliar with or testpower3 )
  2. set communication parameters (see the table in:
  3. save setup
  4. echo ON
  5. enable motor and move to several positions, both ways
    sp 1700
    la 3500000
    this will go one direction 5X, set to 0 to go back 5X
  6. run grc to get current value
  7. run pos to get position value
  8. turn off before exiting minicom
    v 0

  • 5X around is 5*MotorEncoderTurnCounts (from config file)
  • current is given in milliamps -- spread should be about 30
  • we saw values from 70 up to 150 when the wheel was balanced


testrotator can be used to move the rotator to positions, read encoders, and track the rotator.

See Software/LBCSoftwareDescription#testrotator


  1. reboot CMU
    make sure lbc software starts on reboot
  2. run lbccontrol web gui
  3. turn on housekeeping
  4. TURNON all systems
  5. firefox auto refresh has to be enabled for cryo graphs
  6. set filters/exposures save an OB
  7. play OB


Check out the fibers :
  1. KVM session from computer room B
  2. use testpower3 (or ) on CMU session to turn on controllers
  3. switch to Red Tech session and kill auto-started software (ia/track/update)
  4. run test.exe on windows machine - enter the correct device ID (as noted physically on the CCD controller)
  5. initialize -- if fibers are swapped, you'll see complaints during initialize
    PCI errors link not working
  6. continuous exposures

Check out the other three controllers:
  1. testpower3 to turn on power
  2. kill auto-started windows executables
  3. run test.exe

Let these four run continuously for a few hours

As of April-2014, these are the IDs:
Camera.CCDHardwareID           = 0   
Trackers.CCDHardwareID         = 4

Camera.CCDHardwareID           = 1
Trackers.CCDHardwareID         = 6 

Bias checking

change the file hwmodel_c/<bsci|btech|rsci|rtech>/normal/CDS_A600_Offset.ini
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