Integration Testing of BBB LBC CCD Controller

Still To Do

  • several software issues were found in the July/Aug testing on the mountain. See Software/LBCBBBMountainTestingJuly2016
  • timing tests to determine how long everything is taking and how long the RPC timeouts need to be; is it too long???
  • red side needs ethernet routed to the hub
  • configure BBB to start ccdctrl client on boot - are there ordering problems with RPC? does CMU side have to already be there?
    KS ran the CMU testcamera program bringing it up and down with ccdctrl client staying up the whole time. That probably means there is no ordering problem. Especially if we make sure the lbckill does a log closure - is that possible? Because if the testcamera went away with just a cntl-C, it crashed the ccdctrl client.
    See Software/LBCBBBMountainTestingJuly2016
  • ccdctrl client on the BBB sometimes exits when the CMU server goes away (in this case testtrackers or testcamera). I think this is probably a log server issue - it tries to log something to the CMU via RPC and has a bogus handle. This probably happens on the Windows PCs as well, there is a batch job always restarting the ccdctrl process if it dies. We will need this on the BBB too. I should test an lbckill and see if the ccdctrl process on the Windows side goes away.
  • where was the 10sec status time set? if that's configurable, make sure it cannot be set lower than 30, if not configurable, make sure there's a note in the code
    the test program allows you to change this - maybe it should not
  • configure BBB for static, mountain IP for testing, using the random static IP of
  • why do we see FPGA not loaded error in test program first time through, before init?
    The CCDCtrlQueryStatus is getting spawned before opening/initializing.
  • what is the fTemperatureCheck global in ccdctrl? set to 1 right now - does this come through the interface?
    test program sets to FALSE, but then you can reinit with it enabled.
  • every time we read the status, we should check the bits - in 2 places he's reading the status but not checking it at all
  • power of the PCs should be deleted in the camera/tracker code instead of bypassed by configuration
    for now, I kept this because it kind of allows another "step" during initialization
  • trackers needs to be modified for where it reads image data (no longer in tftp) for IA
  • need 2 separate testtrackers - one that does IA init, one that does only CCD controller functions only one, allows for both or single channel now

We thought during summer shutdown we'd do full-up CMU testing. But, what can we really do with the cryostats off?

Required checkout:
  • power-up via the overall camera/tracker object initialization; BBB boots really fast, so this may not be a problem at all. For now, use the "windowspc" powerline in the code to wait for it to remain a separate initialization step.
  • error handling/pop-ups - this didn't really change, AdP is sending errors back in all the same places.

Mods to INAF CMU Version of Code

We received the INAF CMU back in Tucson in early July-2016.

Modified ccdctrl.c code to incorporate changes I had done between version 2.03 and 2.12.
  • added the API call name that failed for all the "controller error" log messages
  • made "too few" and "too many" downloaded pixels save the image anyway
    did this in DirectSave as well, even though I had not done it there in older versions (it's not used)
  • modified the ControllerErrorMessage function to use Bellisi's CTR_Code_Error .

We will leave the INAF CMU here in Tucson (available via the network at Stephen will eventually make it match the mountain CMU and then we'll get it up there. But there's no hurry.
see IT 6077

Notes to put somewhere

  • camera.c , trackers.c hard-code the /archive path as the local path sent to CCD controller code
  • ccdctrl.c hardcodes the /lbc path to the config files

Full-up Testing

  • any performance hits when all four controllers are running?

Testing on the Mountain July/August 2016

See LBCBBBMountainTestingJuly2016

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