Notes about Instrument Software Alarms via ALH

To Do

  • EPICS DB and TCS DD details
  • separate IOC for instrument data to look at timestamps?
  • Guidance
  • timestamp for LBC and LUCI data - needs to be implemented
  • other alarms besides housekeeping for LBC

Testing on rm580f-1

Testing in Tucson, why are LBC and MODS alarms all red? They should be disconnected.
must be because the IOC gets the channel initialized

need a way to truly show disconnected when it is.

instrument values that are not being written need to show up as disconnected channels. how can we do that? for instance, LBC and MODS values are not being written right now, but they show up red instead of white. I think they should be white since the instrument software isn't even up. Maybe we'll need a separate IOC for the instruments. The software could pay attention to the given instrument timestamp data and "disconnect" the channels when it should, instead of making them alarms.

Set up my environment so I can modify the IOC. Using Michele's divided ALH config files. My environment is on /data/epics . I checked out the "0.2" ALH files into /data/epics/svn-0.2 . To run the ALH with those config files, use this command
 alh /data/epics/svn-0.2/LBTALHConfigure/ALH-default.alhConfig & 

To run my IOC
 cd /data/epics/iocBoot/iocalarm 
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