IT Weekly Meeting Minutes 2020-09-02

Attendees: David, LeRoy, Matthieu


  • Misc. / new
    • VoIP visit scheduled for Sep 17th. - LeRoy at the mountain, open for Stephen or David if needed/decided.
    • 573 update from Carlos? - replied to David but Carlos is busy right now
    • affiliate VPN and DNS? - to be investigated, but INAF didn't complain working with IPs
    • 802.1x feedback - David edited "bullet-style", Matthieu will review and send to Peter today. Meeting on Monday went reasonably well.
    • DIMM plan of action - sciops will soon start complaining about it (AO nights) - take it off the LRTH - create a daily task - work on it when Stephen comes back - LR to order spare drives in anticipation - this could be major.
    • Igor reported KVM issues (LBC) with port > 7 not accessible - LR to replug things after the swap to new unit, but interrupted with other startup tasks. On-going.

    • not discussed but since then after the meeting
      • newdata not flushing (IA2 issue), but do we have a zabbix alarm?
      • new VPN prevents access (exceptedly) to sites like Alta, SPIE, other publication sites that would recognize us and give access before.
      • time limit on VPN users? (slack / email conversations)
      • new 4D pc filling up: zabbix alarm mnissing. Who cleans it up? Re: Xianyu
      • tucson synology still complaining, as of 2020-09-07, ?
      • Port Forwarding for lbti-web (mountain machine)

    • new PMC portserver [LD] - too busy
    • Shark Review -- exploration/meeting [MB]
    • Juan Pablo printer/scanner [DE] - sent to Bucky for approval
    • Wiki SyntaxHighlighting plugin [SH]

  • Short term work
    • Fiber stuff [LD] - kits have been purchased, check with Gustavo if iLocater got theirs. LD to check with Louise status of delivery for the other (Italian) one.
    • PEPSI recon servers [LD,SH]
      • Send Leroy instructions [SH]
      • we'll wait for Stephen to come back
    • obs6 or obs5 Fedora 30 install [LD]
      • obs6 fedora x86_64 timeline [LD,SH]
      • Send Leroy instructions [SH]
      • we'll wait for Stephen to come back

    • Not discussed
      • Hand-over e-mail [SH]
        • New VPN explanation, add "Affiliate" accounts
        • Archive mount point changes
        • ovirt cluster boot-up
        • Kickstarts for obs computers -- separated out packages
        • current state of Observing computers
        • Network drops to mountain -- what to look for
        • Tucson DNS

      • Longer projects
        • AD replacement for mountain/Mountain DNS upgrade [LD,SH]

  • As you can work
    • Continue PDU check [LD] - LR work when spare time
    • linuxapps [LD] - LR on-going when spare time
    • inventory of spare drives - (new)

  • Back burnered
    • LUCI computer upgrade [DE - 07/01/2020] -
    • CRA rack cleanup [SH - 07/01/2020 until travel is easier ] -
    • DHCP/Cobbler [DE - 08/12/2020 until David is back from vacation on 08/21/2020] - too busy with startup
    • Transition to new VPN steps 4-X [SH - 08/19/2020 when SH gets back from vacation ]
    • Attempt to join Synology to Google LDAP once the dust has cleared [SH - 08/19/2020 when SH gets back from vacation ]
    • termserv1 (what do we do here) [SH - 8/19/2020 when SH gets back from vacation ]
    • PEPSI server to the mountain [SH - 8/19/2020 when SH gets back from vacation ]

  • Training
    • too much on-going with the restart
    • C19 training
    • maybe more time in the future
  • What we are doing this week
    • LR work on KVM, remove DIMM (hook to Kvm if possible)
    • DE synology support, follow-up mount issue with tcs.

Notes from meeting

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