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IT Weekly Meeting Minutes 2020-04-14

Attendees: Stephen, David, LeRoy, Matthieu

(note: no notes for 2020-04-07)

Action Items

Owner Action Status
MB Contact SHARK-VIS about single mode USB3 extender meeting massimilano on Friday
LD Estimate length of the new run 180-200 ft !!!
DE move critical VMs from VM1 to VM2 in preparation for hypervisor upgrade  
SH VM1 Tucson hypervisor upgrade with DE on zoom Done, some fight with the KVM
DE Check Synology versions and upgrades available  
All Come up with new ideas of what could be upgraded  
DE Steward power shutdown non-issue David will send the announcement for Network loss
DE CR temp monitoring DE will get x2 units, send to mountain, work with LD when setup
DE Luci/x upgraded SSD WIP, document ready. checking PCI and riser - check within the boxes
LD PD webcam, reconfigure (Andre) the, basecampe (eliminate weather-underground)
MB Sabino power / UPS email Pat+PG


  • Sabino power shutdown Mon/Tue/Wed next week
    • UPS will go down? PG wanted to keep OVMS running.
      • we'd need two UPS to run ovms (CR=ovms+coreb and level 4=ovms-uie+switches)
    • OVMS/DC/ssh/weatherstationPC, coreB-switches, not much. Few power button. Turn the breakers off (if bumps)
    • Restart ?
  • century link, mountain phones
    • fiber terminated
    • UoA tech coming Wed. to make the switch - go with the flow.
      • new UITS switch in a box on the highbay / installed by century link
    • phones? TBC, UITS deals with the phones - they provide for UoA
  • ROWG IT wip
    • setup rm507 w/ 2 big UHDs LCDs, upgrade f31
    • 507-1 UPS lost power ? moved to new socket. Ground fault?
  • CR monitoring - length for probes. 25' just fine. Humidity? not really. one of each.
    • shipping, check with Kara
    • 2x (unit + temp + temp/humidity+ free bundle for flood) = total ~ 1.5K
  • oVirt
  • laptops for mountain
    • 2x win10 from JK, shipping to mountain
    • 2x thinkpads, make sure the new one for Alexander (new staff) stays here. It's an P53.
  • slack
  • IDL license
    • who owns the licences? Xianyu's license. DE will work it out with SH.
  • Training
    • DE looking into Cisco
    • LR with Linux
  • Ketiv
    • Louise will let us know when the contract needs to be renewed. SB said let's keep it for another year.
    • Backup in-house working okay.

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