Infrared Test Camera Software

The IRTC consists of four executables: the IRS server, the IRC client, the NSIGUI client, and a program running on the Windows computer attached to the camera. The IRC client communicates using ICE to both the IRS for camera control, and the IIF for TCS control. The IRS and the IIF maintain state information for the system, so the IRC can be invoked as a command line tool once for each command needed. This makes it convenient for use in shell scripts. The NSIGUI is a QT GUI which communicates with JPL Horizons and the IIF for managing non-sidereal observations.
The IRS server is the interface to the Windows computer that controls the IRTC. It runs on the irs.mountain machine as a daemon and handles requests from the IRC for camera commands. The service is provided by the lbto-irc-srv RPM. The camera program must be running on the Windows computer for IRS commands to function. Both the Windows computers and the irs computer must have /newdata mounted read-write. Single images are written by the IRS to /newdata, while data cubes are written by the Windows computer to /newdata.

NOTE: the server config file uses /lbt/data/new to find the nfs mount to /newdata.

Two cameras are supported for concurrent use. The IRC commands SetCamera/ShowCamera are used to switch between them.

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