IIF Software Notes

From Kellee's notes during TCS training, Summer-2017

Don't have to be authorized to move your own rotator

read/write DD and write events

See http://wiki.lbto.org/bin/view/Software/TCSsoftware for many IIF links - commands, sequences (prereqs, etc), monitor/control

sided commands can be issued from a both proxy

There's an IIF command to get the ephemerides from JPL Horizons - it uses the same expect script; instruments should eventually use this

IIF knows if guiding fails

LBTI doesn't use RUNAO command, so IIF cannot tell if there's a failure

Preset cancels if the tel goes off source, shell RIPs, or M1 panics

The Main GUI shows status of current and next Preset/Offset, synch or asynch

Pointing weights are always 50/50 or 100/0

IIF control GUI - DD/Name Mapping - can reinit from config -not as useful now as in the past

Pseudo Monocular clicked on the "Active" side

Abort Preset/Offset -- if waiting for synch condition

Progress shows you who it is waiting for; cleared when done waiting

If subsystem stops and something is waiting on it -- returns RPC error

Data form for all data received

why would you show side on offset?

irc_show lists Ice proxies visible to IIF

IRTC can be mounted at any focal station

hotspot == pointing origin in focal plane sky coords

async operation -- only 1 command processed at a time

Async command in binoc mode moves the optics; moves mount if possible

PCS synchronizes guide corrections -- can get stuck

Both sides have to say "we're ready to move the mount"

Active side, binoc commands ignored; preset/offsets duplicated in synch

Only IIF has the concept of Pseudo-Monocolur -- other subsystems think binocular

Passive side, binoc commands ignored; presets ignored; offsets can be enabled via IIF GUI; command status NOT returned to instrument - duplicated commands

See http://wiki.lbto.org/bin/view/Software/IIFPseudoMonocular

IIF GUI doesn't allow sending preset/offset, etc.
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