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Open GCS Issue Traks

IT Detail Status
7045 GCS died stuck in centroiding, killed the thread which crashed GCS (like IT 4831?)
6991 dynamic WFS exposure time stuck turbo problem
6898 Offset warning causes AO loop not to resume Several issues with this one - IIF should probably block on the resumeGuiding call
6541 GCS hotspot drifted off CCD Four failures during the night, MODS1 and MODS2 - PWRFLR and bad returns from getxy ; see also MODS IT 5395
Need a way to retry after failed moveProbeOnHS ??
6128 Put StartAcquire and StartWFS buttons on the GCSGUI feature request opened by MD
5723 Problems with fake guide star presets IT notes should be updated - shouldn't ref 5621
5609 when handling exceptions the GCS should do more than just report feature request cleanup issue; should also handle azcam errors instead of ignoring (IT 4409)
5573 Sign of the rotation angle for the pupil shift calculation documentation issue - sign is different from DM's IDL for MODS so should understand why and document it
5518 Possible mishandling of offset while AO loop is closed guide star drifts when AO loop is closed; assigned to DM
5452 Software limits not being applied correctly in oacontrol for AGW2 assigned to CB to update the soft limit values; he says it's not been done yet
5186 intensity jumps in pepsi guide images issue with Magellan controllers? assigned to JMH
5041 Could GCS S-H wavefront sensing work on fainter stars? feature request GUI updates to make the various guide and wfs parameters adjustable (integration time, detection thresholds, binning etc.) - there is no other gui IT for these
5018 Star far off of hotspot after rotational offset ME is supposed to take transform data but TS says it should be ok - should it just be closed?
4781 GCS error message messages were changed to not be misleading, but MD thinks GCS shouldn't care and should just send corrections and let PCS complain if it needs to; don't think she changed it though, so it's still open
4686 GCS guiding timed out waiting for image monitor
This is the catch all IT for AzCam errors and error handling - make sure updates address all the closed ITs: 4409, 4374, 5531, 5660, 5747, 6993
4627 Acquiring readGuideCam multiple images takes much longer than expected azcam issue with simultaneous guide and wfs imaging? TG had said there was a partial fix ready, what would that be?
4549 GCS guider images: Reported FWHM problem? and Hot Pixels feature request hot pixel map
4401 Guide star displaced from hotspot crossing meridian  
3488 GCSGUI Improvements - Take 2 feature request from RP; GS mag/flux on GUI
3487 GCSGUI: Improve autoranging on GCSGUI image display feature request
3309 Implementation of Multiple Guide Star Selection feature request nothing implemented in GCS yet except what's been there forever but is unused currently; GCS has to select star and then tell PCS which one
3275 Implement co-addition (WFS) for bright guide stars feature request
3268 Improve exposure time scaling feature request
3267 Implement co-addition for bright guide stars feature request
3264 Dynamic selection of conv file based on FWHM feature request resolution of 3269 says dyn conv selection is not necessary - check with JMH
1484 WCS on GCS acquisition images feature request MD has this working specifically for MODS, code is not in yet for LUCI

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