E-Night time work requests

Place holder for software and IT work requiring engineering night time. For each entry, provide your name, a short description of the work, a more detailed description, systems involved, particlar tests that needs to be accomplished, success or failure criteria. Requests should be reviewed and approved with the SWG manager, the Status column will be used to reflect this step, and subsequent one e.g., accepted by sciops, etc.

Summary Details Systems Instructions and Tests Success criteria Initials Status Completed
ezca upgrade The version used at LBTO is obsolete, and suspected to causes OAC crashes. Commit history indicates the more recent ezca release may address the issue OAC restart OAC no crash AC ENG1/2 20190213 X
ahs oac3 channels Add agw3 oac channel to the alarm handling system AHS restart AHS oac-3 channels showing in alarm-handler GUI AC ENG1/2 20190213 X
OAC v5.2 Fix spontaneous crashes associated with alarm handling OAC restart OAC OAC stays up, AHS updates AC ENG1/2 20190405  
obs workstations upgrade Fedora-29, 64-bits upgrade, start with (tbc) summit OSA station ROR login and operate as usual operation proceed as usual MB collect feedback on desktop preferences, compile list of expected applications  
2019A beta Testing of new 2019A release TCS install new TCS, reboot tcs computers telescope points and collimates, shutter doors open and closes, .. PK ENG1/2 20190405 ? TBC  
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