Notes while Rehosting LBC Software


Sent a note to Baruffolo today with the questions about the latest IDL files for the Windows PCs. I included the differences for him, they are minor. I didn't ask about the missing files, but I do not think they belong in SVN. If we try to run without them and complain, then I'll add them.

Captured the CMU cron jobs in a wiki page: CMUCronJobs


Whoa! Andrea says this to the virtualization plan:

In general I would say that this attempt seems to me quite uncertain as far as feasibility and would not solve the problem of having 5 PCs. Why not change CCD controller electronics using Ethernet link as we suggested during last Veillet visit in Italy? This way no PCI boards, no multiple OS, no driver problems, etc...

Ciao Andrea


Don't worry. You are not really out of any loop, simply we know that PCI board is a weak point in the system and last year started a low priority action to implement the Ethernet interface. Of course it is not available yet and would require some other time to complete and a period of deep testing before adoption on LBC. So maybe next summer (2014) could be a possible availability date if the proposal is accepted. This of course would not solve the PCs problem in the short time but due to the quite large amount of work required even from the Virtual Machine proposal I would prefer to wait.

Maybe somebody would take a decision in the forthcoming months on the Ethernet option...

Ciao Andrea

Christian will figure out how far they are down this path to figure out if we should wait.


DougF has suggested we virtualize the windows hosts. I created a document to start our thinking/testing/planning process.

We will test first with the one spare we have (CCD controller and card) on a virtual host using the test.exe program. Then, with the brand new spare/card that are being shipped. This will test two virtual hosts with separate cards.


Stephen and Doug tried the profibus card in the new machine while they were on the mountain this week.

  • profibus card in new ABMX machine:


  • another view of profibus card in new ABMX machine:


Today, they tried the PCI card for the CCD controller, down here in the machine. Just fits - cannot get other PCI cards in there. But, that's ok.

  • PCI card in ABMX machine, with modified heat sink:


  • close up of heat sink on PCI card for CCD controller:


7-9 May-2013

Stephen and I talked with Doug and came up with a detailed task list for IT and me. See the Plan on the LBCSoftwareRehostNotes page.

Spent some time with drawings and pictures (of the existing spare, of the new heat sink design, etc.) to try to discover if the fiber card will fit in the machine.

At the instruments meeting we decided they could bring down one of the newly fabricated heat sinks so that we can try the new card (with the new heat sink) in Tucson before it goes up to the mountain. (if it ever gets here...)


I am waiting on the spare fiber card from SkyTech that Robert Reynolds has ordered. (Actually, they're getting two - our spare repaired and a new one.) That is the critical path.
When the card arrives, I will install it in the current test machine, take it to the mountain, and go through phase 1 described in LBCSoftwareRehostChecklist.

Do we have a spare CCD controller still? yes - I verified with Robert

Asked Stephen yesterday about getting a Windows 7 desktop for the lab down there as the build machine and test for INAF.

Created LBCSoftwareRehostChecklist as step-by-step plan for checkout.


This is not going to be a summer shutdown task - we need sky time to test. I can do some testing standalone:
  • check tftp back and forth to CMU
  • convert and fits2gif
  • CCD testing with the test.exe
  • test files for tracking and lbciaRun?
  • set up an OB with each filter, short exposures, run over and over

Should take this box up to the mountain and try to put the boards in and boot up.

Should I find a newer IDL download??
what if I bring over the idl.lib and the pro files from one of the existing machines?
or does it really need to be "installed"?

Do we need the directories created that are specified in the tracking doc?
what about d:\ao where lbciaRun writes to?

I would like to put only executables, libraries in the file - why do we need any source or libs that were only required to build?

Add to winsoft document - setting environment vars in setup for lbciarun
lbciaRun needs pro files and IDL dll at runtime

Add to winsoft document - configuration for track -- unless I add this to; does it require any environment?
track_first and track_next need cfitsio.dll at runtime which is copied from Z in update.bat


What of the pro files are used by the Windows PC side?
wait.  maybe most of it - it calls LBCFPIA which is the main - probably uses everything

Here are the files that have differences between the SVN version and the current zip file SVN version has color setting, added Z22 calculation, uses Red/Blue ZIMatrix instead of just ZIMatrix SVN version passes logfile in, loosen limits at 0.8 arcsec instead of 1.0 seeing SVN version sets plot color
lbcfpia.cfg misc value differences; separate red/blue ZIMatrix values SVN version puts log to /home/LBCeng/FPIAlogs ; channel is printed in log ZIMATRIX vs BLUEZIMATRIX and REDZIMATRIX ZIMATRIX vs BLUEZIMATRIX and REDZIMATRIX comments only SVN version puts log to /home/LBCeng/FPIAlogs trunk version prints date and uses /home/LBCeng/FPIAlogs for log
Plus there are files in the zip file that are not in SVN. do any of these need to be put explicitly on the Windows machine?

These pro files are found in /home/lbcobs/LBCFPIA/lbcfpia/src and /home/lbcobs/LBCFPIA/lbcfpia/src/trunk and /home/LBCeng/LBCFPIA/lbcfpia/src



Ran all XP executables on the windows 7 box. The lbciaRun doesn't work because it wants a idl32.lib and the new version has only idl.lib - but it's a good idea to rebuild that one anyway.

Of all these files copied by update.bat, several are not used anymore:


trimatch.exe not used by the track programs anymore
apply_match.exe and project_coord.exe are part of trimatch



Created simple makefiles for tracking executables rather than using the IDE. Went through all the compiler/linker options to make sure I'm building these similar to the lbciaRun. Created the makefile from Andrea's for the ccdctrl.exe .


partitioned the drive using the windows partitioner. I had to "shrink" the existing drive and even though it was 80% empty of 111GB, it would only let me shrink it to 64GB so the D drive is only 47GB

even defrag'ed and uninstalled everything I had put on.

The current machines have C at 4GB and D at 29 -- I couldn't do this same ratio


lbciaRun is looking for LBCIA_HOME env var - what is this on the other systems?

red tech env vars in System variables (same as blue tech)

    path: c:\lbc\bin;c:\program files\imagemagick-6.2.3-q8;C:\WINDOWS\system32;C:\WINDOWS; C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem;c:\;d:\;c:\rsi\idl61\bin\bin.x86 

on Tucson machine, I added
     IDL_BIN     C:\Progra~1\ITT\IDL70\bin\bin.x86\
     IDL_LIB     C:\Progra~1\ITT\IDL70\lib\

and added both to the path so it could find IDL at runtime

on red tech, there's a astron subdir under c:\lbcfpia - who uses that? there's data and pro subdirectories

ignore the following -- I always forget about the stuff copied on reboot is COPIED FROM Z on reboot and UNPACKED
(I was killing this bat file on startup so that I could use the machine without all that running)
so the source we're using for lbciaRun wants to cd to c:\lbcfpia\src to execute its IDL
this is not what we're using on the mountain
that dir doesn't exist on red tech
this source came from Baruffolo in January

blue tech DOES have c:\lbcfpia\src directory

if I run lbciaRun on red tech, it doesn't work -- how does it work from LBC??

IDL demo license wasn't allowing us to create log file Doug Miller told me the Tucson license file is /lbt/astronomy/license/license.dat copied this to c:\Progra~1\ITT\Licens\license.lic because that's where it defaults to (when this machine is on the mountain, use the LM_LICENSE_FILE env var and set to the mountain value the other PCs use)

Had to add env var for IDL_PATH for astron\pro stuff it wasn't finding IDL_PATH c:\progra~1\itt\idl70\lib;c:\lbcfpia\astron\pro

LBCFPIA: there's SVN for these files and there are differences in
      lbcfpia.cfg  (comments only)

this stuff is SVN'ed in

We should build a new that has the latest versions, even if we don't use the modified files. Make sure we don't!!

-------- ./ is different -------
-------- ./ is different -------
-------- ./ is different -------
-------- ./lbcfpia.cfg is different -------
-------- ./ is different -------
-------- ./ is different -------
-------- ./ is different -------

9-April-2013 is the Windows 7 PC here in Tucson Kyle set up awhile ago. log in via freerdp with lbc username

map drive \\\homes\ksummers using tucson\ksummers credentials

Install IDL 7.0 install ing in C:\Program Files\ITT

oops - we need a D: partition on this machine on red tech and science, there's 4.59G for C, 29G for D we have 111G on the new machine

Install Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition from vcsetup.exe set up IDL in PATH so lbciaRun can find the DLLs
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P5230084.JPGJPG P5230084.JPG manage 1 MB 30 May 2013 - 21:51 UnknownUser PCI card in ABMX machine, with modified heat sink
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