22-Jan-2013 on-sky testing of version 2.6

Lots more changes have gone in to this latest version since the last testing at the end of December. Mostly, I wanted to check out moving the seeing calculation to every 5 seconds - to make sure that didn't break anything. The second priority was to test the offsetting that didn't work on-sky last test (although the test was sketchy last time, we don't know what the telescope was doing at the time we saw weird behavior.)

  • They didn't open the shutters until later than normal because of MCSPU problems.

  • Juan Carlos was happy with the adjusted seeing and R0 calculations in the log.

  • Had to work on getting FITS files out when I wanted them. finished around 9pm

  • Spiral testing still showed the same problems (of course I didn't put any code in to fix it, so makes sense)

  • Started offset testing about 9:22.
    • DEC offset wasn't calculated correctly, always 0
    • resetting base still too often - had to modify code to only set base on the slew to a star
    • about 20-25 minutes just trying to get DIMM to acquire - cannot test offset unless you actually find the star
    • the RA offset seemed to be applied correctly, but we always ended up with the star above the target on the web cam - even when I changed the sign on the application of the DEC offset
    • the offset seems to accumulate, getting worse in DEC
    • zeroing the offset from the GUI works
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