DIMM Software Statuses / States

The new DimmStatus class was set up to encapsulate the DimmSettings Ice structure to enable thread protections.

    /// status information shared between threads
    struct DimmSettings
        DateTime lst;
        bool acquiring;
        bool acquired;            //Autoacquire has acquired the star.
        bool measuring;
        bool searching;           //Indicates if the DIMM is doing the raster search to find stars.
        StarSequence catalogStars;
        SeeingInfo seeing;
        infoLBT pointingLBT;
        Star selectedStar;        //Currently selected star        
        bool adminUser;           //Indicates if administrative functions are available

Overall acquiring updated in Status obj by acquire thread when it stops/starts used by the GUI to control what is available (no mount moves, for instance)
  acquired   checked to start measuring
  measuring set true when 2 stars found
false when measuring is stopped via gui
used by server to decide when out of ROI
used by acq thread to decide if it needs to slew to new star
  m_CameraRunning deleted this one, you can use the camera thread directly
MountSettings acquiring true/false when acquire thread is running/not running used in the GUI to not allow mount moves if auto-acquire is on
CameraSettings running    
CameraThread measuring true when centerStar still returns 2 stars
false when measuring is stopped via gui
AcquireThread running   used by the server to set overall status acquiring for the GUI

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