DIMM Logging

  • The DIMM log is in /lbt/data/logs/dimm on the dimm host (rsync'ed to Tucson). The application runs as dimmuser.

  • Exceptions caught in the DIMM software sometimes recover automatically - like mount exceptions when using auto-acquisition - sometimes going to the next star in the list clears the problem with the mount.

  • If there is a connection problem to the mount or camera, often a power-cycle of the DIMM electronics fixes it. See Operators/DIMMTroubleShooting for the link to the PDU.
    Note that it takes the mount a couple minutes to be ready after a power-cycle. DO NOT kill the software before the mount completes its homing or it can go into a hard-limit condition.

Error: DimmMountBisque::init CommException caught - CommSerial - Connection timeout

DimmMountBisque::xxxxx CommException caught - CommSerial - Broken pipe

DimmMountBisque::xxxxx CommException caught - CommSerial - Connection refused
cannot connect to mount this can be a fiber connection problem or a problem with the IP of the mount (hardcoded in mksdriver.cpp) or a power problem - sometimes power-cycling the DIMM electronics works
CameraException exception caught - No connection to camera. cannot connect to DIMM camera if it happens on multiple connection attempts, sometimes a power-cycle of the DIMM electronics fixes it
Error: connectCamera, CameraException caught - Couldn't open channel to EDT card. cannot connect to DIMM camera - cannot see /dev/edt check that the edt module is installed in the Linux kernel, check the /etc/init.d/edtinit runs ok
Error: Stars out of region-of-interest...stop measuring seeingBufferFilled and value=-1 Centroiding failed - seeing value reverted to -1.
stops measuring; resets ROI to full-frame
Error: AutoAcquire: didn't find a web cam centroid after configured tries, exiting auto-acquisition failed to find a centroid in the Dimm.Acquisition.starsToTry configured limit and exited have to restart Acquisition from the GUI
Error: MountBisque - goToRADEC: Position out of bounds! exception thrown when RA/DEC requested is out of the range of the configured values; current config values (as of June-2012) are -8 to 30 in azimuth, -30 to 85 in elevation doesn't move to the position or set tracking true
Error: calculateTrackingRates - axis rates -nnn nnn out of bounds future-current/(10sec*3600) is > 3600 sets the rate to 0
Warning: LBT is not tracking. comes from DimmMountBisque::update() ; reading dd entry IIFOnSource If motion is too much, sets tracking to FALSE; otherwise still calculates rates and continues
Warning: Stars close to the edge minX:48.92 maxX:115.18 minY:138.90 maxY:144.75 Within configured Dimm.limitGuide value of the 200x200 measuring frame after the configured Dimm.minFramesToGuide are seen, it sends a guide correction
Warning: LBT motion is out of range, stop tracking mount. only seen in conjunction with previous message, when difference in current and pointing AZ or EL values are > LBT offset limit turns off tracking
Warning: DimmImageHandler::calculateSeeing dist_x=XX dist_y=YY - out of bounds centroids in image buffer that are too far apart centroids are thrown out
Warning: DimmImageHandler::calculateSeeing no seeing calculation, problem count: 272 listDxy size: 28 problem centroids are too many, not performing a seeing measurement  
MountBisque: slewHome: move to Factory home position
MKSDriver: startFindHome: ENTER
MKSDriver::isFindHomeComplete: Exit
MountBisque: slewHome: ... found Factory home position
On a power-cycle, the mount will go to the factory home limits in each direction - it takes a couple minutes, so (IF IN TRACE MODE) you'll see loads of log messages while it's trying to find home and then slew to the DIMM home position.

DIMMSoftwareDebug -- some notes on failures in June

DIMMSoftwareUpgrades - list of problems, bugs, upgrades
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