DIMM Camera Thread Notes

The camera thread is initiated by the server.

while !terminate


  calculate image stats (min, max, mean, median, etc.)

  if measuring
    set current time
    if 2 stars found
      calculate centers of the centroids
      calculate centers of center frame

      if guiding is enabled
        get current mount position
        if centroids are outside guide limits
          count as bad frame
        if bad frame count > 4 (minFramesToGuide)
          call mount->slew with guide correction (centerStarX-centerFrameX added to mount position, 
                                                                       centerStarY-centerFrameY added to mount position)

    pushImage to ImageHandler

    if it's been 5 secs since last calcSeeing && buffer is full
      call calculateSeeing

  writeSingleFITS file if requested

end while

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