Computer Shutdown and Startup Procedures

Computer room shutdowns/startups are mostly automated. A script monitors UPS status and commands shutdown(s) as needed.

An email is generated to telescopework when the UPS goes OnBattery. This is the trigger for non-automated shutdown activities.
Prior to computer hosts shutting down , the following non-automated activities need to be done (Time is of the essence!):

The shutdown script runs from the ups account on monitor host (/home/ups/servers). As time thresholds are crossed while OnBattery, shutdowns (to include in some cases software) occur. Hosts are brought down in priority order as defined by a config file (/home/ups/servers/servers.config). Currently, the scheme allows mountain staff enough time to get on generator (15 minutes) before shutdowns begin. Shutdown occurs in waves, finishing about 52 minutes after OnBattery. Emails are sent to the IT staff as the shutdown progresses. They will send emails to telescopework to communicate status. IT staff will also send email to and to to let everyone know the shutdown/restart state.

The defined time thresholds for host group shutdowns are:
software 24 minutes PEPSI, MODS, & AO shell rest/fsm currently
group 1 30 minutes ARGOS, oac, ovms, LBC, AGw/AzCam, DIMM
group 2 34 minutes OBS hosts (not including OBS1)
group 3 38 minutes TCS, AO, LUCI
group 4 42 minutes web, ssh, obs1, Weatherstation, VM services
group 5 46 minutes DNS, SAN
(PDU shutdown)
52 minutes  
See the InstrumentFacilityHostContacts page for individual contact information if there are issues with any of the instruments.

Computer Shutdown Sequence

Computer Startup Sequence

Using the Script Manually

Helpful Information

  • Shutdown/Restart Config File header and contents:
# This is the configuration file for automated host shutdown/startup.  
# Comment lines are allowed/ignored (# char MUST be in column 1).
# Any line with a space character in column 1 (regardless of remaining text) is treated as a blank line and is ignored.
# All lines that are not blank or commented MUST contain valid config data.
# Do not add extra space at end of lines.
# The following fields ranges are currently defined/allowed/intended: 
# group                                  grp1 through grp5
# type                                   linux, windows, VM-server, or PDU
#                                           Note:  a PDU type only turns OFF the PDU (i.e. no host shutdown command).   
#                                                  PDU shutdown is done at critical threshold crossing. 
#                                                  PDUs turn back ON with specified group.
#                                           Note2: A VM type will not include PDU info (it's a VM).
# hostname                               host name (only from set connected to Toshiba UPS)
# subtype                                HW, VM  (hard host, or Virtual Machine)
# <PDU1_IP_ADDRESS  port>                 <PDU1 info is optional...only if a PDU is to be disabled/enabled.> 
# <PDU2_IP_ADDRESS  port>                 <PDU2 info is also optional, only if a 2nd PDU is to be disabled/enabled.>
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#grp  type   hostname       subtype      PDU1-IP         Port      PDU2-IP       Port 
grp1 linux   argos-sx-lalas    HW   10   10
grp1 linux   argos-sx-lgsw     HW   19   19
grp1 linux   argos-dx-lalas    HW    9   9
grp1 linux   argos-dx-lgsw     HW   17   17
grp1 linux   oac               HW    5      
grp1 linux   ovms              HW    8   9
grp1 linux   lbccontrol        HW   23   23
grp1 windows agw1-cam          HW   13   14
grp1 windows agw2-cam          HW   22   23
grp1 windows mods1-cam         HW   22   23
grp1 windows mods2-cam         HW   20   21
grp1 windows azcamserver       HW   11   12
grp1 linux   dimm              HW
grp1 linux  HW   15   15
grp1 linux HW   14   14
grp1 linux  HW   22   22
grp1 linux HW   16   16
grp1 linux HW   11   11
###grp1 linux HW   ??   ??
grp1 linux HW   20   20
grp1 linux HW
grp1 linux HW
##grp1 linux HW
grp1 linux HW
grp2 linux   obs6              HW
grp2 linux   obs5              HW
grp2 linux   obs4              HW
grp2 linux   obs3              HW
grp2 linux   obs2              HW
grp3 linux   tcs1              HW    7     7
grp3 linux   tcs2              HW    6     6
grp3 linux   flao-sxwfs         HW    3     4
grp3 linux   flao-dxwfs         HW    5     6
grp3 windows mountainapp1       VM
grp3 linux   linuxapps          VM
grp3 linux   mt-archive         VM
grp3 linux  HW   16    16
grp3 linux HW   15    15
grp3 linux   sxadsec           HW    1     2
grp3 linux   dxadsec           HW    1     2
grp4 linux   web1              HW    2     3
grp4 linux   web2              HW    2     3
grp4 linux   ssh               HW    5     8
grp4 linux   obs1              HW
grp4 windows weatherstation-pc HW   18
grp4 VM-server vm1             HW    4     4
grp4 VM-server vm2             HW   12    12
grp4 windows mt-vmmgr          HW    7     7
# grp5 is reserved for DNS & SAN
grp5 windows mountaindc1       HW    7     8
grp5 windows mountaindc2       HW    7     8
grp5 linux   node1.san         HW    1     2
grp5 linux   node2.san         HW    1     2

To Do

  • The following machines may still need to be tested: LN, ARGOS, obs3, vmhost1, vmhost2
    All these machines have been updated since the last test and some portion (shutdown or startup) hasn't been re-tested.
  • MODS computers were added to the software shutdown script (MODS team wrote the shutdown process separately). Startup is not automated as a result. After handover, a review should be done to standardize the shutdown/restart sequencing. The desire is to have MODS instrument computers come up before the data computers. This will require some kind of "group delay" between startups since right now they are all done at once for startup.
  • weatherstation-pc - does that come up on PDU toggle?
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