COVID-19 Shutdown Planning

Notes 2020-03-20

  • Recap
    • Yang to plan swap tcs-test for Monday
    • Stephen WIP on http://info
    • Matthieu+IT obs1/cloud or not - choice for temp monitoring (also ask Peter about the power supply)
    • Carl to confirm with cc. IT for ARGOS
    • MODS/LUCI on Monday
    • OVMS few hours after everyhting is off

  • status
    • tcs-test readiness to run ENV telemetry
      • IT to create the new telemetry mount and send the info to Yang
    • http://info.tucson readiness to pull webcams images
      • and webcam, allsky moved to Tucson

  • update http://info with a shutdown-centric view
    • access to all the webcams (inc. recent DX AdSec one in the clean room)
    • CR temperatures monitoring (moutain, Tucson)
    • link to dms telemetry
    • any other ideas

  • Peter G. monitoring sensors
    • power supply at the mountain for new SensorPush temperature sensor system - MB to send an to Peter where's it location,
    • buy a cheap sensor we plug ourselves that's not cloud dependent.
      • if cloud at the mountain, imonnit - Peter think the existing base would work, just need new sensors.
      • if not, standalone solution
    • grab something from the imonnit he has already on the telescope? not the best
    • do we need outside acces to the internet (ASA)

  • anything needing physical presence to be turned off?
    • 1) soft shutdown everything
    • 2) turn off ports from PDU except the one we need - weather / tcs (needs to be confirmed)
    • 3) turn off the PDU
  • coordination with mountain
    • use the all-hands open channel zoom + email to
    • call the mountain manager
    • Monday at 10AM, finalize things

  • MODS - confirm when the shutdown really happens (Jerry still swapping fiber) _ Yang to send an email asking about the current plan
  • obs computer go down after all the instruments have been brought down
  • LBC - down (soft shutdown), Yang confirm by email it's all off.
  • LUCI - Monday
  • Deal with AO in a single big picture,
  • once OVMS down, NAs, etc (pending obs1 resolution - in favor it goes down too, unless a clear use case)

Notes 2020-03-18

Systems remaining on

  • webcams
    • web VM pulls data
      • migrate process to Tucson (SHooper)
      • wda with ENV and DDS to export real-time weather to info:// (pending tcs-se
  • confirm for allsky
      • it's handled by wda (SHopper)
  • weatherstation
    • weather-pc
    • telemetry - TCS/ENV stays up ?
      • socket connection from TCS to weatherpc
      • use tcs-test, point it to the mountain (Yang, IT for network (mt-vlan on weatherpc) config and tucson-synha mount for hdf5)
        • use a separate location for the env telemetry hdf5 --- give dms a mount for last sample access
        • use script to push it to the "offial" tucson location

  • core switch(es?) for network + 5 switches
    • PDU? problem to bring it back up
    • ~ 1.2 kW /per unit

  • liebert UPS
    • keep CR telemetry ? * lightweight zabbix * power info, temperatures, not sure we have much to see
    • baremetal to snoop over the network bandwith

  • big fan(no cooling)
    • but expected daily walk through inspection

Everything else shutdown in a safe state

  • everything that produces heat that's not critical will go down

  • check and update documentation along the way
  • coordinate with instruments / mountain for workstations etc.
  • keep OVMS up running until last
    • keep it running while "quiet" for a couple of hours
    • transfer telemetry for vibration analysis
  • inventory sheet what went down


  • opportunities and creative use of the shutdown?
    • allsky/vaisala, borrow spares for development?
    • xxx

-- MatthieuBec - 18 Mar 2020
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