AO Cravat Meeting Minutes, December 18, 2020 (1:00pm - 2:00pm)

Attendees: Al, Matthieu, Steve, Yang (Zoom meeting)

Meeting discussion summary:

  • We spent the majority of the meeting time dicussing the AO-Cravat/OSCO web UI that Yang has recently prototyped (as part of the LBTO DMS system). It is not yet fed with live OSCO data, however the basic setup and mechanism of the web UI components are ready. We discussed some plans as well as commented on the current design. All had agreed that this is a very good start for what we wanted. Here is a list of main conclusions we had during the meeting:
    • We decided to invite a small group of LBTO staff to see this prototype and provide some early feedback. Currently Yang has setup a development web server for this prototype (with a private LBTO web address). We will hand out this address to the invited people for them to take a look at the prototype. The fact the prototype does not yet work on live OSCO data should not matter that much for this purpose. Everything else should work mostly the same. Currently we decided to invite Doug Miller, Jenny Power, Barry Rothberg, and Christian Veillet as the first batch of test users.
    • Yang will focus the next phase on making the current prototype work on live data (hopefully be ready to release some time in January).
    • Al will bring up the topic of setting up a notification mechanism for new files in /lbt/data/new in his next meeting with the archive group. (This could benefit many other software setup as well.)
    • We have decided to put the AO telemetry work on hold for a while since everyone is busy at some work. We will focus on readying the current system.

Some action items:

  • Al to bring up the new file notification mechanism with archive group.
  • Yang will send an email to invite the four people to test our current prototype and provide feedback.
  • Yang will sync the current prototype code to github and then provide the link to Al for him to take a look at it.
  • Yang will continue to work on the prototype and make it ready.
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