AO Cravat Meeting Minutes, November 20, 2020 (1:00pm - 2:00pm)

Attendees: Al, Matthieu, Steve, Yang (Zoom meeting)

Meeting discussion summary:

  • Al made some progress on the AO telemetry associated with OSCO. Basically the relevant telemetry only lives on specific AO machines (e.g., The main problems are 1) how to find the telemetry files we need (right now it seems we can only discover the relevant info from the manual entries from OSA nightly log). 2) how to coordinate the telemetry data with the respective OSCO data since they live in different places. 3) how to extract the relevant information and use them in OSCO data analysis. Al will work with Matthieu on some of these questions.
  • We spent the rest of the meeting to discuss the user front of the recent nightly plot idea. In short, we have agreed on creating a simple webpage first. The nightly plot page will have two parts: 1) the first part is a summary plot of the most recent 20 OSCO sequences. This is an overview plot that gives the user some ideas of the recent trends. As we process more OSCO sequences, the older entries from the left of the plot will be removed and with the new ones added to the right end of the plot. 2) the second part is a detailed plot of the most recent OSCO sequence (basically an expanded plot of the right most data point in the overview plot).
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