TMS Meeting Minutes, February 24, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Breann, Christian, Heejoo, John, Olga, Trenton (Zoom Meeting)

  • Nearly all channels back online, but we weren't able to form a full channel reference last night, 2/23
  • Andrew suggests that we only use the channels that were included in the reference taken last night
  • Ch. 15 changed from being aligned to Y+ to being aligned to X- to configure for a 3-3-3 channel configuration (Yang has already updated the code)
  • Andrew comments that it could be interesting to run a test by setting a reference on one side only and not the other and then running active one-sided
  • Olga replies that this would be a little bit of overhead, though this could happen while sky flights are being taken (though it's best to take sky flights when somewhat collimated to enable masking out of stars)
  • Andrew proposes that we try dropping Ch. 10 on Dx at the start of the night when running active mode, then add it back in when running passive mode
  • First chance for LBC may be Sunday night but the weather looks bad, so it's likely to be on Monday
Software Test:
  • Most of last week was spent on alignment so the software has yet to be tested
  • Heejoo and Yang plan to test the software tomorrow for shutter control stability
  • Heejoo is uncertain as to whether there will be enough time to conduct the channel dropping test (requests Andrew send an email with his requests for the tests)
    • The basic idea is that we want to see that we can drop a channel and not command a step adjustment on the mirror
    • Would be good to do this on both sides, dropping one channel first, then two channels
    • Another test would be to conduct channel dropping over a period of time during the day and analyze the long-term stability
    • Heejoo plans to request a long block of time to conduct this testing early next week from around 10 AM to 3 PM MST (Andrew requests a slot a little later in the morning)
Thermal Analysis:
  • Trenton working Ivan Rakich on thermal analysis of the primaries using Ansys
  • Trenton also learning how to use Ansys via the Ansys Learning Hub
  • Collecting exemplary datasets of thermal conditions on the face and backplate of the mirrors for proper envrionmental modeling in Ansys
  • Andrew suggests collecting FPIA data during periods of large thermal variation to see how much aberration correction is applied in the TMS vs. non-TMS control case
  • Combing through on-sky data to find images demonstrating the effectiveness of TMS active control
Andrew's Update:
  • Setting up least-squares optimization using Mathematica
  • Goal is to be able to search with increasing step length until you decreased slightly, then move on to the next step
  • Overall goal is to have a dynamic seeing code that can extract FWHM and ellipticity from the Zemax model
  • Then, do a double sided computation to explore the sensitivities of perturbations on seeing
Shutter Control:
  • Moving to a simplified approach with shutter control actuations happening less frequently and via TCP/IP command
  • Once we have 100% confidence that the shutter control is robust
GMTO Visit to Tucson:
  • Tentative visit on April 8th, with a trip up the mountain on Saturday, the 9th
  • Andrew still needs to firm up these dates
  • May be hard for Heejoo to join in due to family commitments

-- TrentonBrendel - 24 Feb 2022
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