TMS Meeting Minutes, February 3, 2022

Attendees: Andrew, Breann, Heejoo, John, Olga, Matthieu, Trenton, Yang (Zoom Meeting)

Issues at LBT:
  • Three large UPS's at LBT, one on Level 1, controlling all computers in the control room
  • The UPS on Level 4, the on that's broken, is the one that handles some telescope controls, namely the motions of the primary mirror
  • Bad breaker replaced with a temporary breaker
  • The third UPS feeds computers for mountain control and aux control is fine
  • UPS down, so no power for actuator control
  • No observations for the past two nights
  • The team on the mountain is currently trying to figure out the most reliable option for power supply
  • Currently, the water on the mountain is non-potable (coloration coming from old pipes, possibly); no drinking, no cooking with, no brushing teeth with
  • Also, the internet went down, due to strong wind and snow, though it has mostly recovered
  • Andrew recalls a time when the building fell off the bogeys while he was on the mountain
  • Fortunately, all of these issues have not directly affected TMS
  • Though we could technically run TMS with the direct line power running the actuators, this power is very noisy, and not an optimal use case for collimation
  • Heejoo has pushed TMS realignment schedule to next Wednesday, and now plans to find another engineering time slot for testing with Yang's newly updated code
  • For daytime test of channel dropping, we'll be looking at the telemetry of the M1 hub points, and ensuring that, upon dropping a channel, we don't make a massive jump in commanded correction
    • Andrew requests that we extend the testing to include not only sudden jumps, but also look at drifts in the calculated pose from a given time origin with all different combos of dropped channel configs
    • From there, we can see how solutions diverge between different channel configurations
    • Doesn't matter what the real telescope drift is, all done in post-processing
    • Heejoo plans to write down a list of tasks planned for this test, and requests Andrew add his specific topics to that list
    • The plan is to conduct this test in the middle of the week
  • Andrew planning to be in Tucson in April, would love to see if there is any interesting work to do on the mountain
Passive Mode Data Acquisition 2022.01.27:
  • Last week, we discussed noise on the Dx side
  • This past week, Heejoo ran some analysis on the std. dev. of channels
  • At 10:30, telescope went from the South to the North, which aligns with one of the times where the std. dev. was very high
  • We can conclude that the Dx side, for some reason, has large PV variations when compared to the Sx side
  • One channel measuring diameter with a low noise (Ch. 2), compared to all others measuring high noise
  • Andrew requests that plots be produced excluding times when the shutter is open and removing FPIA imaging
  • Might be able to incorporate findings from vibration sensors on the LBC swing arm
  • Also, it is possible to examine the noise in the std. dev. of channels to see how it correlates with pixel blurring
Yang's Updated Code:
  • Yang updated his code to incorporate the ability to deal with missing channels
  • Yang is currently working on the next big update, which will change the software a great deal
  • The recent update is off by default, but can be turned on with the '--mcp none' option in each individual script
  • The updates are made in the perl scripts, which passes the options on to the python loop code
  • The code is similar to the std. dev. filter, but you need to remember to change the scripts back if you don't want to use dropping once it has been turned on
  • This channel dropping option will be used for the commissioning process, but will likely not be necessary later
  • This code will be tested soon, towards the end of next week, where Yang will demonstrate the operations of the code
  • After this testing, Yang plans to work on moving the TMS data into the DMS system
  • It is possible, though a longshot, that we may establish a special page in DMS just for realtime TMS data (like OSCO)
  • Gives the ability to customize visualization of statistics from TMS almost in realtime
  • We can put this down as a goal, but it may take a long time to produce

-- TrentonBrendel - 03 Feb 2022
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